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A patient-carrying device should have at least ________ straps to hold the patient securely


Regarding ambulance warning devices, which of the following statements is NOT true

The large lights on the outermost corners of the ambulance box should blink alternately

The medical acronym EMD stands for which of the following

Emergency Medical Dispatch

When heading back to quarters, on what should you place your emphasis?

A safe return

Regarding the use of emergency sirens, which of the following is FALSE

Ambulance operators are not affected by siren noise

Tests have shown that ________ ambulance operators tend to speed up by 10 to 15 miles per hour when the siren is sounding


At which point should you complete your patient care report

As soon as you are free from patient duties

Operators of emergency vehicles must drive with the safety of others in mind. This is known as driving:

with due regard

Which of the following is a purpose for carrying sterilized aluminum foil on an ambulance?

To keep a newborn warm

Which of the following transport positions is indicated for the patient in shock?

Legs raised 8 to 12 inches

Which of the following is the primary reason why ambulances should have two oxygen supply systems?

To provide oxygen to two patients at one time

The medical acronym EMD stands for which of the following?

Emergency Medical Dispatch

Occlusive dressings must be carried on an ambulance to treat which of the following injuries

Open pneumothorax

The process of combining the patient and patient-carrying device into a unit ready for moving and transporting the patient is called:


Which of the following activities should NOT occur during the scene size-up

Providing airway management

Which of the following human factors can lead to an increased risk of injury for an EMT at the
scene of a vehicle collision?

All of the above

Which of the following should the EMT consider when protecting a patient during extrication?

All of the above

Which of the following is the first concern when you are caring for a patient who has been in a vehicle collision?

Your own safety

Which of the following is an important reason for controlling spectators at the scene of an extrication incident?

All of the above

You have arrived at the scene of a vehicle collision in which there are utility wires down around the vehicle. The three occupants appear dazed and other responding units have not yet arrived. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

Stay at a distance and caution the occupants to stay inside the vehicle

You have arrived at the scene of a motor vehicle collision to find that there are several critically injured patients. Which of the following should you do first?

Call for additional rescue units and transporting ambulances

When deciding whether or not to drive to the hospital with lights and siren activated for any patient, the driver should consider

potential risks of making the patient's condition worse

Which of the following situations may warrant the use of helicopter transport from the scene to a medical facility

The patient is located in a remote area

Which of the following considerations should be determined when conducting a scene size-up of a single vehicle collision involving a rollover?

The mechanism of injury

When controlling the scene of an emergency involving damaged power poles and downed electrical wires, the EMT must remember to:

request appropriate personnel to cut the power source

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