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  1. messenger RNA (mRNA)
  2. gene
  3. ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
  4. promoter
  5. nucleotide
  1. a sequence of DNA that codes for a protein and thus determines a trait or chemical pathway
  2. b RNA molecule that carries copies of instructions for the assembly of amino acids into proteins from DNA to the rest of the cell
  3. c monomer of nucleic acids made up of a 5-carbon sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base
  4. d type of RNA that makes up the major part of a ribosome
  5. e region of DNA that indicates to an enzyme where to bind to make RNA

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  1. three-nucleotide sequence on messenger RNA that codes for a single amino acid
  2. group of three bases on a tRNA molecule that are complementary to an mRNA codon
  3. granular material visible within the nucleus; consists of DNA tightly coiled around proteins
  4. change in a DNA sequence that affects genetic information
  5. decoding of an mRNA message into a polypeptide chain

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  1. operonsequence og DNA that is not involved in coding for a protein


  2. RNA polymeraseenzyme involved in DNA replication that joins individual nucleotides to produce a DNA molecule


  3. polyploidycondition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes


  4. transcriptiondecoding of an mRNA message into a polypeptide chain


  5. operatorregion of chromosome in an operon to which the repressor binds when the operon is "turned off"