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Psych Quizes

1._______ statistics are used for decision making, for generalizing from small samples, and for drawing
A _________ is a graph of a frequency distribution in which the number of scores falling in each class is
represented by points on a line.
frequency polygon
The difference between the highest and lowest score is the
Three hundred students at Meridian Community College are surveyed regarding their views on distance learning classes. All of the students at Meridian Community College would be the
A graph that plots the intersection of paired measures, that is, the points at which paired X and Y measures cross is called a
scatter diagram
When measure X gets larger, measure Y gets smaller in a
negative relationship
Your text defines psychology as the
Science of behavior and mental processes
You see an attractive person at a party and go over to introduce yourself. The psychologist who would be most interested in this attraction of strangers would be a
social psychologist
This psychologist advanced the theory that a "designed culture" based on positive reinforcement could encourage desirable behavior?
B.F. Skinner
An eclectic psychologist is one that
draws from many theories and approaches
Your best friend passes you in the school hallway and glares at you without speaking. You think, "Now why did she do that?" One possible explanation could be that she saw you flirting with her boyfriend. Within the framework of the scientific method, that possible explanation for your friend's behavior would be considered a(n)
An in-depth study of a single individual is known as a
case study
Another name for the cell body is the
The neurotransmitters bind to the _____ located on the ______
receptor sites; dendrites
Ricardo was given curare and suffered paralysis. By attaching to receptor sites on his muscles, curare competes with
When a neuron reaches its threshold, a (n) occurs
action potential
The main divisions of the human nervous system are the
central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.
Changes in heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and sweating are controlled by the
autonomic system
Wernicke's area is located in the
left temporal lobe.
Which of the following parts of the body would have the largest area represented on the motor area?
Being able to read Braille or to play the guitar with your hands and fingers are two skills that one is able to
do because more of the and are devoted to these body parts.
somatosensory area; motor area
Aphasia is a (n)
language disturbance resulting from brain damage
A karate chop to an area at the top of the neck could stop a person's heart and breathing by damaging the
Megan suffers from a phobia of kittens and cats. Even though she consciously understands that she does not have to be afraid of such small creatures, she still exhibits nervousness as she watches her daughter petting a neighbor's gentle cat. Which part of the limbic system causes this fear response that Megan does not understand?
Which of the following statements about handedness is FALSE?
Handedness is inherited from one's parents like eye color or skin color
involves receiving, encoding, storing, organizing, altering, and retrieving information.
Which of the following determines what information will move from sensory memory to short-term memory?
selective attention
Because hyphens divide the numbers on your social security card into three segments, it is easier for you to remember this 9-digit number. This illustrates
The two main categories of long-term memories are
procedural and declarative.
Basic conditioned responses and learned skills, such as typing or driving, are considered
procedural memories
If you are trying to list all the furniture in your house for the insurance company, you would use
stored images
The study of the meaning of language is known as
A learned set of rules that always leads to a correct solution is known as
an algorithm
Claudia's failure to see that a trash bag would make an excellent make-shift raincoat is an example of
functional fixedness
The items that Binet included on his test were based on the
tasks that an average child could perform at each age level.
The definition of intelligence includes all of the following skills EXCEPT the ability to
recall and organize data into patterns
The correlation of the IQ scores of identical twins reared together is .86, while the correlation ofIQ scores for identical twins reared apart drops to .72. Psychologists have interpreted this finding as indicating that adult intelligence is
roughly 50 percent hereditary
On a creativity test, you are asked to list all the uses of a paper clip. Your total number of suggestions would be your______ score.
When you are asked to make as many new words as possible by rearranging the letters in the word "intelligence," you are using
divergent thinking
One doctor tells you that you have a 10% chance of dying during the surgery, while another doctor tells you that you have a 90% chance of survival if you have the surgery. Understanding that you have the same survival odds means that you have not succumbed to
According to Freud, the ego often employs ________________ in order to reduce the anxieties resulting from an
imbalance among the three parts of the personality.
defense mechanisms
If a person exhibits nail biting, gum chewing, smoking, or overeating when anxious, Freud would have said that the person was fixated during the ________ stage.
According to Freud, the Oedipus and Electra complexes occur during the
phallic stage
According to Freud, the successful resolution of the Oedipal and Electra conflicts ends when the child uses
the defense mechanism of __________ , which allows the child to take on the values and behaviors of the
same-sex parent.
You are planning to get your doctorate in psychology. Do you believe you will be able to make the sacrifices, study long hours, conduct research, and write a dissertation? If you do, then Bandura would say that you have a high degree of
You are asked by a psychologist to describe what you see in a set of ten inkblots that vary in color, shading, form, and complexity. This psychologist is using the
Rorschach Technique
A perceived lack of control creates a stressful sense of threat when combined with a perceived
lack of competence
Ben and B. J. are excellent paramedics who have saved many lives. In order to handle the extreme stress of their job, they very often make humorous comments about their situations and at times act silly to relieve the stress. They are using which coping strategy?
emotion-focused coping
Ron's parents want him to either go to college or go to work in his father's business. Ron does not want to do either, but becomes so stressed by this conflict that he joins the army. Ron's joining the army is an example of
leaving the field
A special danger in the transmission of STDs is that many people are __________ at first.
John is a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune," and he believes that he can use his mind to make the wheel land on "lose a turn" or "bankrupt" when his opponents are spinning it. John believes he has which psi ability?
The study of ESP and other psi phenomenon is known as
Students have found that if their psychology teacher repeats a term "three times", this term will definitely be on the test. Paying attention to specific stimuli illustrates the students'
perceptual learning
The moon appears smaller when it is overhead than when it is near the horizon because of
the lack of depth cues when the moon is overhead.
Distant objects tend to look hazy, washed out in color, and lacking in detail, which illustrates
aerial perspective
Our tendency to fill in missing parts of a figure in order to complete the overall pattern illustrates which perceptual principle?
At the national cheerleading contest, all the contestants are seated in one area within the stadium. Although 1000 students are seated in this area, your eyes discern about 100 groups due to each group of cheerleaders having different color outfits. The way you grouped these students is most likely due to the perceptual principle of
Grandma told the grandkids that their "PaPa" was right about the "little hammer and other things" being in their heads. She then added that their inner ear looked like a snail. This fluid-filled structure that looks like a snail is the
The stapes is attached to a membrane on the cochlea called the _____, which moves back and forth, making waves in the fluid inside the cochlea.
oval window
The most common test for color blindness or color weakness is the
Ishihara test
A receiver runs down field, turns, and focuses on the tiny "missile" spiraling down to him. This receiver's ability to see the football emphasizes his excellent visual acuity due to the large concentration of __ in the fovea of his eyes.
Visual acuity is sharpest when images are focused on the fovea. This is because ofthe high concentration of ___ in that region.
The sensory receptors of your eyes are able to convert light energy into neural energy which can then be utilized by the brain. Thus, the sensory receptors in you eyes act as
biological transducers
According to Erikson, the first dilemma a newborn infant must resolve is:
trust versus mistrust.
Although Scott does not like to do lawn work, he does because "what would people think if he let his yard grow up." When using this line of reasoning, Scott is exhibiting which level of moral development?
conventional level
Jay and Justin each have a stick of gum. Eight-year-old Jay stretches his stick until it is much longer.
Five-year old Justin begins to cry because he thinks that Jay has more gum than he does. Justin lacks:
According to Piaget, one of the major developments during the sensorimotor stage is the emergence of the concept of:
object permanence
When Kathy uses crayons, she holds them tightly and presses down hard on the paper. Her mother just gave Kathy some fine line markers to draw with. Kathy grips the marker tightly and presses the point down hard on the paper. The point of the marker breaks. Kathy's difficulty with the new drawing instrument is due to:
When Sidney misbehaves, his mother takes away his phone privileges or takes away his video game system. Sidney's mother is using the ____ discipline technique.
power assertion
When a parent leaves the room, and the child shows mixed feelings upon the parent's return, that is, the child seeks to be near the parent but angrily resists contact, the child is exhibiting:
an insecure-ambivalent attachment.
Jeffery is 18 months old, and his mother has spent almost every waking moment of the last three weeks trying to toilet-train Jeffery. However, Jeffery has shown no improvement. Jeffery's mother should be told that toilet training as well as other milestones in development are governed by the:
child's readiness
Which of the following is considered a congenital problem
There are __ chromosomes in the nucleus of every human cell, except for the sperm and ova