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Essay Review Earth's Climates + Economic Activity

Geography 2.4

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warm, rainy summers and cool, snowy winters
humid continental
hot, rainy summers and mild winters with some rain
humid subtropical
warm all year with dry summers and short, rainy winters
hot and dry all year with very little rain
Digging into the Earth's surface to take out rocks, minerals or metals. Examples would be Coal, Iron, Copper, and Granite. JOB: Miner
Harvesting of sea life for consumption. JOB: Fisherman
commercial fishing
Growing and harvesting of cash crops on a large scale usually with the help of machines. JOB: Farmer, Farm Manager, Laborer, Machine Operator
commercial farming
Raising and selling of animals like cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and goats for profit. JOB: Rancher, Farmer, Veterinarian
livestock raising
Factories produce products and offices provide services in large quantities. JOB: Factory Worker, Engineer, Sales Representative, Banker, Teacher, Chef, Hotel Employee, Manager
trade and manufacturing
Electricity produced using the energy of fast moving water. JOB: Plant Operator, Structural Engineer, Electrician
hydroelectric power

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