Freak the Mighty Chapter 11-13 - Steineker


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What does Max call the New Tenements?
He calls them the New Testaments or just the Testaments. He has the words confused with a section of the Bible.
What type of people live in the Testaments?
Poor people and drug addicts live there.
Identify Loretta Lee.
The "treasure" purse Max and Freak find in the storm drain belongs to Loretta Lee. She lives in the New Tenements with Iggy. She knew Killer Kane and Freak's mom, Gwen.
Why does Max like Freak riding on his shoulder?
He likes having a really smart brain on his shoulders, helping him think.
What does Max know about Iggy?
He is the boss of The Panheads, a bad-news motorcycle gang.
Why does Iggy let Max and Freak leave without messing with them?
He did not want to take the chance that Killer Kane would find out he was messing with his kid.
What does Freak tell Max about his father's leaving after he ws born?
Freak said his mother won't talk about it. All she says is, "He made his decision and I made mine." "But I know he ran away because of me. Good riddance to bad rubbish."
Why does Gram agree to sign the papers allowing Max to be in the smart classes?
Grim asks her to give it a try since nothing else has worked. He thinks that maybe Max just needs a friend.
What happens in Mrs. Donelli's class that gets Max and Freak sent to the principal's office?
The class makes fun of Max and Freak , chanting "Killer Kane! Killer Kane! Had a kid who got no brain!" Freak climbs onto Max's shoulders, raising his fists and punching the air calling out, "Freak the Mighty! Freak the Mighty!" Then the entire class starts chanting, "Freak the Mighty!"
What does Freak teach Max that no one else has been able to do?
Freak has been showing Max how to read a whole book, and it all makes sense.
How is reading different from writing to Max?
"...reading is just a way of listening, and [he] could always listen, but writing is like talking, and that's a whole other ball game."
Why does Max think Mrs. Addison has called him to the office?
Max thinks Mrs. Addison is going to put him back in the learning disabled class.
What does Mrs. Addison promise Max regarding his father?
Mrs. Addison promises Max he would not have to do anything he did not want to. She tells him she will make it very clear to the parole board and to his father's lawyer.
What happens to Freak while Max is getting him more chop suey?
When Max comes back, something is wrong, Freak's face is all red and swollen up and he is making this huk-huk-huk noise. Freak chokes on the chop suey.
solemn promise
specific; a certain one
need for immediate attention or action
informal term for a person's double
working by itself with little or no direct human control
stupid person
having difficulty interpreting words, letters, and symbols
like a miracle; happening without any natural or scientific explanation
punishment of being kept in school after hours