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Columbus and other early explorers searched for a direct all-water route to Asia because they

hoped to gain easier access to highly valued Asian goods

The map "European Voyages of Discovery" depicts the 1497-1499 journey around Africa by which of the following?

de Gama

Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal was noted for

improving and codifying navigational knowledge in order to find a route to Asia

When Columbus landed in America, the chief reason that he thought he had landed in "the Indies" was

his firm belief that he had sailed far enough westward to reach them

By the treaty of tordesillas (1494) spain had authority to exploit all of

North and South America except Brazil

Your textbook describes Spain's American empire as

trying to implant spanish civilization and introduce christianity but also committing unprovoked aggression

in the 1670's thousands of pueblo rebelled to drive the

spanish from new mexico

when discussing the question of the terrible decimation of the native american peoples after 1500 your text concludes that most deaths resulted from

european diseases

the exploration and exploitation of the americas in the sixteenth century was dominated by


one of the major reasons the Protestant reformation succeeded was that

the catholic church was beset by papal luxury and bureaucratic corruption

the king who brought the Protestant reformation to England by declaring himself head of the english church in order to divorce his first wife was

henry viii

the bold captain encouraged by queen Elizabeth i to plunder spanish merchant ships on the high seas was

martin Frobisher

Spain could no longer block english entry into the new world because of the

english destruction of the invading spanish armada

in arguing for royal assistance for english colonization, Richard hakluyt stressed the

military advantages of building forts to threaten spanish treasure fleets

according to your text the organizing force in the effort to found english colonies came from

merchant capitalists

the earliest british colonies were initially financed by

joint-stock companies

the most direct motive of the London company in securing its charter was

making money

a serious problem in the early years of jamestown was the

lack of pioneering skills among the settlers

the eventual success of the Virginia settlement depended largely upon the

cultivation of tobacco

initially the Powhatan native americans reacted to the Virginia colonists by

helping them survive

between 1606 and 1622 the London company which established the Virginia colony

sent out thousands of settlers, more than half whom died

in 1624 the charter of the London company was


puritans objected to the way queen Elizabeth i's bishops interpreted the protestant doctrine of predestination because the bishops argued that

the morality of individual behavior on earth had no effect on god's decision about a person's salvation

the pilgrims let England primarily because they

wanted to establish a colony where everyone could have freedom of religion

the mayflower compact was an early example of the idea that

a society should be based on a set of rules chosen by its members

the religious dissenters who established plymouth colony were the


many puritans left England around 1630 to settle in Massachusetts bay because

anglican cleric William laud was removing ministers with puritan sympathies and tightening his centralized control of the church

according to the leaders of the Massachusetts bay colony the inspiration for their organization stemmed from

the divine

the first governor of the Massachusetts bay colony was

john Winthrop

the puritan commonwealth of Massachusetts bay was characterized by

practical democracy

tho whom was William bradford referring to when he described someone possessed with many precious parts, by very unsettled in judgment

roger williams

she was banished from Massachusetts for claiming that she regularly received divine insights

Anne hutchinson

in the proprietary colony, the proprietor's income resulted primarily from

annual rents from lands granted to settlers

the colony founded as a religious refuge for catholics was


the religion of maryland's colonists was

partly catholic, but a large majority were protestant

the colony whose charter was a grandiose plan written with the help of political philosopher john locke and designed to recreate a hereditary nobility and feudal society was


______ traders were most likely to see indians as essential trading partners


new york was an english colony because the English

captured the area from the dutch

the quakers' religious beliefs were based on

direct, mystical experience of religious truth

the proprietor of the colony founded as a haven for quakers was

William penn

which of the following did not contribute to the success of the colony of pennsylvania

fertile soil

except possibly for the spanish friars most europeans considered the native Americans to be

contemptible heathens

the attitude of most native americans toward their environment can be seen in the way they

diverted rivers cleared fields and built roads

one source of problems between the europeans and the native americans was the common european misunderstanding of the native americans'

desire to preserve the environment in its purest state

according to your text the cultural chasm between europeans and indians was most evident in the area of

warfare; because europeans fought in large groups to destroy their enemies where as indians fought more often to display their courage or avenge a wrong

which of the following was domesticated by many tribes to form a staple of their diet and contributed enormously to the success of the english colonies


according to your text which of the following best describes the relative impact of native american and european cultures on each other

the europeans and the indians became interdependent

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