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Maryland State Law Test for Counselors Study Guide

Maryland Law Test Study Guide for Counselors

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Alcohol & Drug Counseling
Assisting an individual, family, or group through the client counselor relationship to develop understanding of intrapersonal and interpresonal substance abuse problems.
Selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting instruments designed to assess an individual's aptitudes, attitudes, abilities, achievements, interests, and personal characteristics
The State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists
Certificate issued by the Board to practice professional counseling
Certified Professional Counselor
Professional Counselor who is certified by the board
Assisting an individual, family, or group through the client counselor relationship to develop an understanding of intrapersonal and interpersonal problems, define goals, make decisions, to plan a course of action reflecting the needs, interests, and abilities
The State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists Fund
Unless the context requires otherwise, one of six types of these are issued by the Board authorizing an individual to practice
What are the 6 types of licenses?
Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counseling
Clinical Marriage & Family Therapy
Clinical Professional Counseling
Graduate Alcohol & Drug Counseling
Graduate Marriage & Family Therapy
Graduate Professional Counselor
What does it mean to practice clinical counseling?
means to engage professionally and for compensation
What does it mean to practice graduate counseling?
to practice clinically under the supervision of a licensed clinical provider while fulfilling the requirements for supervised experience.
Legislative Findings
The General Assembly finds that the profession of counseling and therapy profoundly affects the lives and health of the people of this state.
How many members are on the board?
13 members
What is the breakdown of the board members?
5 Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors
3 Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapists
3 Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselors
2 Consumer Members
Qualifications for Consumer Members
Must be a member of general public
May not have been a certified or licensed counselor
May not have anyone in household as a certified or licensed counselor
May not participate in a commercial or professional field related to counseling
May not have any financial investments with any board members
How many years does each board member serve?
4 years
Process for vacancies in the board
Governor shall fill within 60 days
Removal process from the board
Governor may remove any member for incompetency, misconduct or neglect of duty.
Secretary may recommend that the Governor remove a member who has been absent for 2 successive meetings without adequate reason
Powers & Duties of the Board
Maintain a registry of all licensed & certified members
Submit annual report
Code of Ethics
Establish CEU's
Adopt an official seal
Create committees to advise on special issues
What two things must the board do to take action?
Discusses the proposed action with a board member who is licensed
The licensed board member votes either in the affirmative or negative on a proposed action
How many days should the board wait before notifying the Board of Examiners of Psychologists of any complaint?
60 days
When is it ok to practice without a license?
If one is a student working under the supervision of a licensed mental health care provider while pursuing a course of study
Supervised Clinical Experience
Applicant shall have completed not less than 3 years with a minimum of 2000 hours of supervised experience.
What are the requirements for a certified professional counselor?
Good Moral Character
18 years old
Should hold a master's or doctoral degree in a health and human services counseling field
Supervised clinical experience for a certified professional counselor-alcohol and drug
Completed not less than 3 years with a minimum of 2,000 hours of supervised experience
Requirements for a certified supervised counselor-drug and alcohol
Associates Degree
Have completed not less than 2 years with a minimum of 2,000 hours
Minimum of 15 hours of drug and alcohol training
Practice under supervision
What are the requirements to get a waiver?
Professional is licensed in another state with equivalent or exceeding requirements
What does approved alcohol and drug supervisor mean?
A certified professional counselor
A licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor
A health care provider licensed or certified
What must one do to apply for license or certificate?
Submit an application
Pay the fee to the board
What information should be included on each license or certificate?
Type of license
Full name
Serial number
Signatures of the chairman and secretary of the board
The seal of the board
How long does a license last?
2 years
What should be in a disclosure statement?
Name of Business
Address of Business
Telephone number of licensee
Education Level
Areas of specialization
Fee schedule
Info required statement
Board info
What are the two conditions for surrendering one's license?
Cannot surrender while charges/case is pending
Cannot allow license to lapse
What are the conditions for reinstatement or revoking of license?
The board can on the conditions of affirmative vote to reinstate a license, reduce the suspension period or withdraw a reprimand
Dual relationship
When a counselor is simultaneously involved in more than one type of relationship with a client
Impaired counselor
A counselor who cannot perform a counselors job due to substance abuse, or psychological or physical illness
This person also known as a therapist is certified or licensed by the board
Inappropriate sexual language
Sexualized harassing comment
An eroticized or sexually provocative comment not reasonably associated with a health care matter
An inappropriate discussion of a sexually related matter
Public Statements
Communications by newspaper, magazine, book list, directory, television, radio, motion picture, advertisement, or any other electronic means
Sexual Exploitation
A counselor taking advantage of an unequal relationship between a counselor and a client, student, or supervisee, and not permitting the autonomy of a client, student or supervisee
Sexual Harassment
A deliberate or repeated comment, advance, gesture, solicitation, request, or physical contact of a sexual nature
An individual to whom a counselor provides professional, educational, or administrative supervision,l or direction
Therapeutic Deception
A representation by a counselor that sexual contact or sexual activity by or with a client is consistent with or part of a client's treatment
A counselor shall only practice within the boundaries of a counselors _____ based on education, training, supervised experience, and professional credentials
**always seek advice/counsel when learning in new areas
**must maintain qualifications to practice
What are the duties of the presiding officer?
Have complete charge of the hearing
Permit the examinatino of witness
Admit evidence
Ruleon the admissibility of evidence
Adjourn or recess the hearing from time to time
What are the rights for the Legal Advisor and Counsel for the board?
The submission of evidence
Examination and cross examination of witnesses
Presentation of summation and argument
Filing of objections, exceptions, and motions
Accredited Institution/ Higher Education
A college or university accredited by a national or regional accrediting body recognized by the council on Post Secondary Accreditation
Any program, publication, course, institute, seminar, lecture, conference, workshop, symposium, or professional meeting that needs the criteria and objectives of continuing education
Approved Program
An activity that has been reviewed and approved by the Board for Category A credit
Authorized Sponsor
An organization or individual reviewed and authorized by the Board, or automatically eligible to present Category A programs
Advisory Committee for Continuing Education, appointed by the Board, consisting of at least one member of the board
Continuing Education
Additional professional activities beyond that required for certification or licensure
Continuing Education Unit
60 minutes of activity that is approved by the Board to fulfill the continuing education requirements
A series of meetings with defined content and systematic presentation with an instructor, as an expert, who imparts information to the participants
Home Study
Independent Study that is not evaluated by a formal process documenting a minimum mastery of material and does not issue a verification of program completion
Renewal Date
The date upon which a certificate or license expires, as specified in the notice sent to the certified or licensed professional counselor by the board in accordance with Health and Occupations Article 17-309
Renewal Period
The 2 year period immediately before the renewal date
A meeting or meetings of highly experienced participants or experts with an expert leader who conducts a discussion who summarizes issues
A presentation or presentations by two or more speakers with different views on a specific topic and with a discussantwho summarizes the issues
A meeting or meetings of general sessions and face to face groups with a leader, an expert in the defined area, who imparts information to participants who have ample opportunity to interact
What are the requirements for CEU's?
License or certificate holder must complete a minimum of 40 CEU's in each renewal period.
Atleasst 30 CEU's must be in category A and 10 in Category B. All 40 may be in Category A. CEU's in excess may not be carried over in excess.
What are the requirements for Category A CEU's?
Certificates of participation
Reprints of publications
Proof of presentation
or Any other information necessary
What are the requirements for Category B CEU's?
Names of Presenters
Outlines of Presentations
Topics of Meetings
Category B Activities
Attendance at or presentation of informal courses, in house colloquia, invited speaker sessions, in house seminars, and case conferences
Attendance at or presentation of informal non publicized programs offered at professional or scientific meetings of local, state, regional, national and internationall profession or scientific organizations
Individualized learning, participation in peer case conference or peer supervision groups etc.
Individual licensed by the Board as a
Clinical Professional Counselor
Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Certificate Holder
Certified professional
Monetary penalty
The failure by a certificate holder, licensee, registration holder, or permit holder, to pay all undisputed taxes and unemployment insurance contributions, as determined by the Office of the Comptroller or the Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Registration that are payable to the Office of the Comptroller or Secretary of LLR in a manner satisfactory to the unit of the STate responsible for collection of the payment
The physical or mental injury of a child by any parent or other perosn who has permanent or temporary care of custody or responsibility for supervision of a child, or by any household or family member, under circumstances that indicate that the child's health or welfare is harmed or at substantial risk of being harmed
Social Services Administration
Any individual under the age of 18 years
Educator or Human Service Worker
These people are known as
Social Worker
Case Worker
Probation Officer or Parole Officer
Family Member
Relative by blood, adoption, or marriage of a child
Identifying Information for Family Law
Child who is alleged to have been abused or neglected
A member of the household of the child
A parent or legal guardian of the child
An individual suspected of being responsible for abuse or neglect of the child
Local Department File
That component of the Department's confidential computerized database that contains information regarding child abuse and neglect investigations to which access is limited to the local department staff responsible for the investigation
Mental Injury
The observable, identifiable, and substantial impairment of a child's mental or psychological ability to function
The leaving of a child unattended or other failure to give proper care and attention to a child by any parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or custody or responsibility for supervision of the child under circumstances that indicate that the child's health or welfare and mental injury are at risk
Sexual Abuse
Any act that involves sexual molestation or exploitation of a child by a parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or custody or responsibility for supervision of a child or by any household or family member to include incest, rape, sexual offense in any degree, sodomy, and unnatural or perverted sexual practices
What is the purpose of the Maryland Family Law Section for protecting abused and neglected children?
Mandating reporting
Giving immunity to any individual that reports
Requiring prompt investigation
Causing immediate, cooperative efforts by the responsible agencies
Everyone doing their part
How must one report abuse?
Within 48 hours in writing, over the phone, or direct communication ASAP
What information must be in a report for child abuse?
Name, age, home address of child & parent
Whereabouts of child
Nature & extent of the abuse or neglect (evidence)
The cause
The identity of the person who committed the abuse
Any additional information
How long should a counselor wait before getting rid of clients documents?
5 Years
What is the penalty for violating 17-301 or any other provision?
Guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction is subject to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both