25 terms

Certification exam-Medical Office management equipment and supplies

A system whereby large quantities of data can be accessed, searched, sorted, and arranged very rapidly by computer is called a(n)____system.
Database management
A computer monitor, hard drive, and printer are known as....
The term for the technology that tells a computer what to do is knows as the...
The computer key DEL directional arrow keys......
are used with the control key
The computer's directional arrow keys_____
move the cursor, right left, up or down
Referring to computers, the term "user friendly" refers to....
How easy the system is to operate
The process of changing words into numbers so that computers can be used in processing insurance claims is called....
A business letter written in full block style will have all lines...
at the left hand margin
Making a duplicate file to protect computer information from being lost is called making a.....
When writing a business letter, the salutation of a letter should be followed by which punctuation mark?
A newsletter that weighs less than one pound would be considered_______class mail.
What office instrument is designed to receive and send printed documents via the telephone?
Fax machine
Business or handwritten mail that weighs less that 11 ounces is known as____class mail.
Parcel post or____class mail is used for bound printed matter, film. and sound recordings.
Before placing a telephone caller on hold it is appropriate to.......
Ask if you may put the caller on hold, wait for the caller to confirm they can wait, obtain a return phone number.
An incoming call should be answered by the _____ring.
What is not needed when taking a routine phone message?
Caller's drivers license #
Prior to answering an incoming call the medical assistant should______
When handling incoming mail the medical assistant should_____
attach the envelope to the correspondence
A letter should be folded in____-using a #10 envelope
Thirds, face-up
______is the study of words and their relationship to other words in a sentence.
When handling a patient complaint which one of the following would be most appropriate?
Take all complaints seriously and take thorough notes
When working with patients from a culture different than your own, one should____
show respect for their culture
Body language, body posture, space and distance are all examples of_____
non-verbal communication
When caring for patients with physical disabilities what does not need to be taken into consideration?
Speaking slowly, loudly, and in an easy-to-understand language.