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icd9 test 1

What does ICD-9 stand for?
International Classification of Disease 9th Edition Clinical Modification
Two areas classified in the health record
Patient morbidity-sickness
Patient mortality-death
What else is the ICD-9 used for?
ICD-9 translates medical neccessity into nationally accepted reporting standards from what?
Verbal and narrative writing
ICD-9 codes are supported by what?
Is documented in the chart
Volume 1
Tabular (numerical)
Volume 2
Volume 3
Tabular and alphabetic
When looking for diagnosis where do you begin?
Alphabetically in Volume 2
Once term is found in Volume 2, what must be done?
You must find the code in the tabular index volume 1
How many numbers are there in a diagnosis code?
Anywhere from 3-5 digits
The outline of the ICD-9
Chapter, Section, Categories, Subcategories, Subclassifications
Contains symbols, abbreviations, punctuations, and notes
Not elsewhere classified
Not otherwise specified
Encloses synonyms
Encloses supplementary words
Bold type
Used for all codes and titles
Italicized Type
Used for exclusion notes
Slanted brackets
Tell coder to use BOTH codes but the slanted bracket code is listed 2nd
Non-essential modifiers
Words in parenthesis have no effect on selecting code
Cross references
see ALSO
Mandatory digits
Always cod to the highest specificity
Diseases or procedures named for a person
Waht are the table in ICD-9
Hypertension, Neoplasm, Drug and Chemical
E codes
External cause
V codes
Reasons seeking medical attention when not sick
Appendix A
Morphology of Neoplasm
Appendix B
Deleted areas of Mental Disorders
Appendix C
Classification of Drugs
Appendix D
Classification of Industrial accidents
Appendix E
List of all 3 digit categories
Who uses Volume 3
Procedures for inpatient coding
How are the numbers different for Volume 3?
Has only 2 digits in front of the decimal