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  1. Guaiac
  2. Magnify
  3. HIV
  4. Reagent
  5. PPE
  1. a Personal Protective Equipment
  2. b Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  3. c a substance involved in chemical reaction
  4. d to make something look larger than in normally is
  5. e a solution use to test for the presence of occult blood in stool

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  1. the successive transformations to which a substance from the time it enters the body to the time it or its decomposition products are excreted, and by which nutrition is accomplished and energy and living substance are provided
  2. dissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells
  3. a sharp pointed instrument used to pierce the skin to obtain a capillary blood sample
  4. a malignant tumor or growth; specifically the hyperplasia of cells with infiltration and destruction of tissue
  5. test that indicates the average blood sugar over the past 2 months

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  1. Proficientwell advanced in art, occupation or skill or branch of knowledge; usually knowledgeable


  2. Sputumblood plasma in which clotting factors( such as fibrin) have been removed naturally by allowing blood to clot prior to isolating the liquid component


  3. Glucosea colorless, or yellow thick syrupy liquid obtained by the incomplete hydrolysis of starch; a simple sugar


  4. agara dried mucilaginous substance or gelitin extracted from algae; used as a culture


  5. ENThematocrit