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  1. Hematoma
  2. Exudates
  3. STAT
  4. PPE
  5. Morphology
  1. a a branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms
  2. b a tumor or swelling that contains blood
  3. c immediately
  4. d Personal Protective Equipment
  5. e pus; the collection of purulent material in a cavity

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  1. without any organisms
  2. inclusive lab procedures as standards to provide reliable performance of equipment including test control samples documentation and analyzing statistics for diagnosis tests
  3. to made amends; be equivalent to
  4. colorless product of Bilirubin reduction formed in the intestines by bacterial action
  5. product of metabolism generated from carbohydrates fatty acids and amino acids in humans

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  1. AIDSacquired immunodeficiency syndrome


  2. Urinalysisdissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells


  3. Glycohemoglobindissolution, the breaking down of red blood cells


  4. Microhematocritpacked cell volume that measures the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells


  5. Pediatricblood in the urine


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