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The Art of Public Speaking Test 1

The Art of Public Speaking Stephen Lucas
According to your textbook, a speaking outline
Contains delivery cues for the speaker.
Your textbook recommends each of the following for preparing main points except
Use a different pattern of wording for each main point.
As explained in your textbook, a virtual library is
a search engine that screens resources or quality and reliability.
Adventures in the Grand Canyon is an appropriately worded.
Speech Title
Which of the following is discussed in your textbook as a way to use language clearly?
Use familiar words, choose concrete words, Eliminate clutter.
As your text book explains, one advantage of Wikipedia is that:
Many articles have footnotes, reference lists, and links to other resources.
Which organizational pattern would probably be most effective for arranging the main points of a speech with the specific purpose. "To inform my audience of the four factors that make a classic car collectible"?
According to your textbook, if you quoted Juanita Washington, a resident of New Orleans, on the psychological effects of Hurricane Katrina, you would be using __________testimony.
According to your textbook, if the following statement occurred in the body of a speech, it would be an example of what kind of connective? In discussing the problem of childhood asthma, we shall look at the symptoms of the disease, its causes, and current treatments.
Internal Preview
A speech with the specific purposes. "To inform my audience how to take pictures like a professional" would most likely be arranged in _____ order.
Topical or chronological
Because of his family's medical history, Alan decided to five his informative speech on sickle cell anemia. When He finished work on the speech, it had the following main points. 1. Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary blood disease caused by abnormal blood cells. 2. The effects of sickle cell anemia include liver damage, blindness, paralysis, and early death. Alan's main points were arranged in _______ order.
As part of the research for his informative speech, Malik needs brief life and career facts about United Nations Secretary General Ba Ki-moon. The best kind of Library reference source for him to consult would be a(n):
Biographical aid
Here are the main points for a speech about the impact of climate change.
1. Climate change has had a major impact in North American.
2. Climate change has had a major impact in south America.
3. Climate change has had a major impact in Europe.
4. Climate change has had a major impact in Asia.
5. Climate change has had a major impact in Africa.
These main points are arranged in ______ order?
Phrases such as "dry as a bone", Clear as a bell, dark as night and smart as a whip should be avoided in speeches because they are:
To inform my audience about the different theories of intellectual property in Eastern and Western Cultures" is an example of a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n):
to inform my audience about the causes and effects of the Boxer Rebellion in China, is an example of specific purposes statement for an informative speech about a(n):
If your specific purpose statement were "to inform my audience about the three major types of pet lizards, "you would probably organize your speech in ______order.
To prepare an effective speech introduction, your textbook recommends that you.
1. Get the attention and interest of your audience.
2. Reveal the topic of your speech.
3. Establish your credibility and goodwill.
4. Preview the body of the speech.
According to your textbook, a listener anxious about an upcoming exam, worried about a recent argument with a friend, or distracted by cold in the classroom would be experiencing.
The mean is the statistical measure that corresponds to what is popularly called:
Asking the administration to police its corruption is like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank is an example of:
Which of the following does your textbook recommend for preparing main points?
1.Keep Main Points Separate: Each main point in a speech should be clearly independent of the others.
2. Try to use the same pattern of wording for main points.
3. Balance the amount of time devoted to main points: you want to be sure they all receive enough emphasis to be clear and convincing.
A speech with the specific Purpose "To inform my audience of the steps involved in the process of making ice cream" would most likely be arranged in ______ order.
According to your textbook, when quoting an internet document during a speech, a speaker should identify the:
You should cite the Author, Title, Publisher, Description, Location,
"To inform my audience about the pillars of faith in Islam". is an example of a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about a(n):
According to your textbook, the knowledge, experience, goals, values, and attitudes through which each listener filters a message is called the listener's:
Frame of Reference
Which of the following is an instance of informative speaking?
A student sharing ideas about leadership based on a book she has read.
As your textbook explains, examples help a speaker:
Examples can get the audience involved. Its gives us a specific incident to focus on. Its sets the stage with details, time, place, color, action. Vivid examples have a strong impact on listeners beliefs and actions.
As explain by your textbook, "To inform my audience how to prepare for a backpacking expedition" is a specific purpose statement for a speech about a(n):
Each of the following is discussed in your textbook as a basic criterion for the effective use of language in public speaking except:
Use language technically
According to your textbook the best time to work out the exact wording of a speech introduction is:
After you prepare the body of the speech.
Which organizational pattern is used in a speech with the following the main points?
1. Soda lime glass is used in almost all ordinary glass products.
2. Lead crystal glass is used mostly for luxury glass products.
3. Heat resistant glass is used for cooking and scientific products.
When taking research notes, you should:
Take plenty of notes
Record Notes in a consistent format
Make a separate entry for each note
Distinguish amound direct quotiation, paraphrases and your own idea.
If your specific purposes statement were "To inform my audience how to make authentic South American empanadas, "You would probably organize speech in _______ order.
As your textbook explains, signposts are especially useful for:
are very brief statements that indicate exactly where you are in the speech. Sometime numbers, this helps the audience to keep track of the major causes.A
Heather was in the midst of an excellent speech on campus history when she made a minor mistake by giving the wrong date for the opening of a campus building. She suddenly stopped speaking and said, "Oh I messed up." She then finished her speech, but all she could think about afterward was her mistake. What is the major piece of advice from your textbook that Heather needs to be reminded about?
There is no such thing as a perfect speech.
Memories are like fingerprints-no two sets are ever the same: is an example of:
Which of the following would probably be the most reliable source of testimony in a speech about successful dieting strategies?
A scientist studying weight-loss methods at the US National Institute's of Health.
Here are the main points for a persuasive speech on adult illiteracy.
1. Adult illiteracy has reached crisis proportions in the United States.
2. Solving the problem requires actions by government and individual citizens alike. These main points are arranged in ________ order.
Problem Solution
Unfortunately, Many Americans live on the outskirts of hope and some because of their poverty, some because of their color, and all too many because of both" is an example of:
Feeback is the nonverbal message that listeners send back to speakers are called:
As your textbook explains, phrasing your speech title as a question is:
Highly Effective
Is it possible to use words accurately without using them clearly.
Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the white house, but what happens inside your house" is an example of;
Both similes and metaphors:
compare things that are essentially different yet have something in common.
The specific purpose statement indicates:
precisely what the speaker hope to accomplish in a speech.
The content of an oral citation in a speech depends:
partly on the speaker's audience and on the kind of supporting material being used by the speaker.
Audiences find well organized speakers to be:
More credible that poorly organized speakers.
Examples work very well to clarify ideas in an informative speech.
They also work in a persuasive speech.
Spatial organization is used:
primarily for informative speeches.
Your textbook recommends using words such as "you" and "your" to:
help get the audience involved in an informative speech.
You should always ask questions, even if:
They are tough questions during a research interview.
When arranged in Topical order, the main points of the speech follow:
The main points divide the topic into logical and consistent subtopics.
The major responsibilities of an athletic trainer are preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries is an example of:
a well-worded central idea for a speech.
The Olympic flame burns inside every competitor, igniting their desire to win gold", is an example of:
a Metaphor
To inform my audience about the principles of social contract theory" is a specific purpose statement for an:
informative speech about a concept.
Public speakers who seek to avoid being ethnocentric need to:
show respect for the cultures of the people they address.
What is inclusive language?
is language that does not stereotype demean, or patronize people on the basis of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or other factors.
The conclusion of a speech is:
has two major functions.
1. To let the audience know you are ending the speech.
2. To reinforce the audience's understanding of, or commitment to, the central idea.