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  1. 2+ scale variables tool? 2S C
  2. descriptive design?
  3. cross tab? frequency count
  4. pretesting questioniare?
  5. categorical variables?
  1. a -combined frequency count
    -calc %s in direction of the IV
    -look for large %s along diagonal <50%
    -observational only
    >Chi Square
  2. b variables with no numerical relationship
  3. c personal tests on sample of target population
  4. d correlation
  5. e quantitative, who what where when how

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  1. all properties of NOI
    -has absolute zero
    -all statistical techniques
  2. nature of problem
    target market
    cost and time
  3. assigning numbers/symbols to object according to pre-specified, uniform rules that do not change
  4. consistent measures across time and items
    -internal consistency- highly correlated
    -stability- same results over time
  5. statistical test of the relationship between variables
    -sig <.05 relationship exists

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  1. scale variables?variables with no numerical relationship


  2. ordinal scale?all properties of NOI
    -has absolute zero
    -all statistical techniques


  3. likert?are you measuring what you set out to measure


  4. inability to answer?-uncertainty- provide alternatives
    -avoid generalisations and estimates


  5. 1+ scale independent and 1+ scale dependent tool? 1S1C Rregression