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  1. influences on survey types? 4
  2. conjoint analyse variables?
  3. interval scale?
  4. survey design? I M Q S W SL
  5. 1+ scale independent and 1+ scale dependent tool? 1S1C R
  1. a target
    response rate
  2. b scale dependent vairable and 1 or more independent variables that are levels (0 or 1)
  3. c regression
  4. d 1) info needed- exploratory research to gain insight- who? where? how?
    -consider target market
    2) method
    3) questions
    -that overcome unwillingnes to respond
    -avoid double barrelled questions
    -link to research
    4) structure-open vs close ended, structured
    5) wording-simple, appropriate length, non leading
    6) sequence and layout- gernal to specific, senstive questions later
  5. e measures distance between any two points on scale
    -random start and measurement
    -based on additional statistical techniques
    e.g likert

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  1. indepth interviews
  2. action
  3. >survey, secondary data
    1) format
    2) wording
    3) content
    4) sequence and layout
  4. >statistical techiniques to investigate relationship between:
    2+ catagorical variables
    2+ scale variables
    1+ scale independent and 1+ scale dependant
  5. total of all available options in terms their attribute levels e.g 0,1,1

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  1. 2+ scale variables tool? 2S Ccorrelation


  2. nominal scale?numbers serve as labels for classifying
    -mutually exclusive e.g male=1 female=2
    -based on frequency counts


  3. types of surveys? 5nominal


  4. if a relationship exists the null hypothesis is?significance is <.05


  5. regression equation?y=a+bx+cx...e