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  1. research design depends on?
  2. categorical variables?
  3. survey? 4
  4. reliability?
  5. measurement and scaling impacts on?
  1. a consistent measures across time and items
    -internal consistency- highly correlated
    -stability- same results over time
  2. b 1) question format- structure/ disguise
    2) question wording- simple,
    unambiguous, length
    3) question content- one of more? required?
    4) sequence and layout- easy first, sensitive last, general to specific
  3. c nature of problem
    target market
    cost and time
  4. d the survey
  5. e variables with no numerical relationship

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  1. quantitative, who what where when how
  2. qualitative, why-insights feelings emotions
  3. sampling
    population type
    question form & content
    response rate
  4. regression
  5. action

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  1. causal design?quanititative, cause and effect


  2. relevance?reliability x validity


  3. interval scale?numbers serve as labels for classifying
    -mutually exclusive e.g male=1 female=2
    -based on frequency counts


  4. structure and disguise?1) SUD: do you..oxymoronic?
    2) SD: do you..alternatives?
    3) UUD: do you?
    4) UD: projective techniques
    -associaiton, completion, construction, expressive


  5. types of surveys? 5nominal