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  1. 2+ scale variables tool? 2S C
  2. if a relationship exists the null hypothesis is?
  3. conjoint analyse variables?
  4. 2+ categorical variables tool? 2C CT
  5. exploratory individual?
  1. a cross tabulation
  2. b indepth interviews
  3. c rejected
  4. d scale dependent vairable and 1 or more independent variables that are levels (0 or 1)
  5. e correlation

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  1. creating a continuum where objects are located
  2. agreement or disagreement to a statement about the stimulus
  3. reliability x validity
  4. >survey, secondary data
    1) format
    2) wording
    3) content
    4) sequence and layout
  5. numbers serve as labels for classifying
    -mutually exclusive e.g male=1 female=2
    -based on frequency counts

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  1. step 4 causal and descriptive? 3>survey, secondary data
    1) format
    2) wording
    3) content
    4) sequence and layout


  2. comparative scales? constant, rank order, pairing CROdirect comparison
    -ordinal or rank properties
    e.g. constant sum, rank order, paired comparison


  3. influences on survey types? 4target
    response rate


  4. research problem?informaiton required to answer decsion problem


  5. structure and disguise?1) SUD: do you..oxymoronic?
    2) SD: do you..alternatives?
    3) UUD: do you?
    4) UD: projective techniques
    -associaiton, completion, construction, expressive