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  1. constant sum?
  2. interview methods?
  3. regression? linear of IV and DV
  4. ordinal scale?
  5. likert?
  1. a assigning a figure of importance to each attribute to total 100
  2. b personal
  3. c agreement or disagreement to a statement about the stimulus
  4. d categorises the variables in meaningful way
    -based on centile statistics
  5. e -looks for linear relationship
    -<.05 shows relationship between IV and DV
    -regression equation to predict DV's for varying IV's
    -RSQ=variance in the DV explained by the IV's
    -backward regression=determine optimal V's to explain varience in DV

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  1. direct comparison
    -ordinal or rank properties
    e.g. constant sum, rank order, paired comparison
  2. significance is <.05
  3. personal tests on sample of target population
  4. problem definition
    choose research design
    sample and collect data
    analyse data
    write report
  5. generalisation over all situations

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  1. measurement?0 or 1 e.g high or low


  2. problems are depicted on a?decison tree


  3. open ended questions?no reponses given- survey intros, to many possibilities, precision is important
    -ad: no influence, wide range responses
    -disad: time consuming, variability of depth and response, requires interpretation, recording precision difficult


  4. correlation? linear relationship-looks for linear relationship
    -<.05 shows shows 2 variables related
    -pearsons indicated strength of relationship (ignore negatives) 1=perfect linearity, 0=random
    -direction (+/-)
    -infer cause and effect e.g. draw causal diagram


  5. if a relationship exists the null hypothesis is?rejected