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  1. closed ended questions?
  2. types of surveys? 5
  3. likert?
  4. descriptive design?
  5. ordinal scale?
  1. a list or rating scale alternative responses provided
    -ad: les potential error, comparable responses, easy answers for interviewer
    -disad: meaningless results, limited self expression, reponse creation (bias/limitation)
  2. b agreement or disagreement to a statement about the stimulus
  3. c categorises the variables in meaningful way
    -based on centile statistics
  4. d personal
  5. e quantitative, who what where when how

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  1. >interviews, focus groups, case studies of groups or individuals
    -chosing numbers depends on the problem, target audience, time and cost
  2. indepth interviews
  3. intensity and direction relating to a stimuli aspect
  4. oxymoronic words on a scale
  5. -combined frequency count
    -calc %s in direction of the IV
    -look for large %s along diagonal <50%
    -observational only
    >Chi Square

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  1. research problem?all properties of NOI
    -has absolute zero
    -all statistical techniques


  2. constant sum?intensity and direction relating to a stimuli aspect


  3. causal design?quanititative, cause and effect


  4. 1+ scale independent and 1+ scale dependent tool? 1S1C Rcorrelation


  5. interview methods?measures distance between any two points on scale
    -random start and measurement
    -based on additional statistical techniques
    e.g likert