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"way of the gods", ancestor worship, worshipping nature, worship of Sun, emperor worship, emphasized harmony with nature


sacred part of worship in medieval Japan


Japanese writing


warlords/rulers rather than the imperial family

Samuri's loyalty

what the daimyo's power depended on


means "servant", no desire for wealth or power


what samuri wanted rather than monetary wealth


warrior/ another meaning of samuri

Martial arts mastered by Samuri

hand to hand combat, archery, horsemanship, swordsmanship


code of conduct for samuri


ritualized suicide: disembowel oneself and then have fellow samuri cut off head: this was done to regain honor after humiliation

Zen Buddhism, Confucionism, Shinto

sources for bushido that emphasized simple life


Samuri engaged in this frequently and at length in order to maintain mental toughness and focus in battle


most powerful daimyos in Japan


first shogun in Japan

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