21 terms

Foreign "borrowed" words

words adopted from other languages and used in English. http://eflclassroom.com
French - Respondez s'il vous plait; means: Please answer
deja vu
French - the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before
faux pas
French - a slip in manners or conduct; a social blunder
bon voyage
French for "have a good trip"
alma mater
Latin - your alma mater is a school you graduated from
du jour
French - of the day-fads, soups, things that are "in" temporarily
cum laude
Latin - with honor
femme fatale
French - attractive, dangerous woman
esprit de corps
a French phrase for the spirit of the group; pride, enthusiasm, and courage
Latin - using exactly the same words
et cetera
Latin. And so on and so forth. (etc.)
Latin - Something added, or to be added.
Italian - The word cried out after an outstanding performance (audience approval)
German - a class for children four to six years of age that prepares them for elementary school
buenos dias
Spanish - good morning/good day
muchas gracias
Spanish - thank you very much
hasta la vista
Spanish - see you later
mi casa es su casa
Spanish - my house is your house; welcome
a la carte
French - a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices
merci beaucoup
French - thank you very much
bon appetit
French - enjoy your meal