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Under an encumbrance system, which account is debited when a purchase order is issued


The purpose of encumbrance accounting is to

Avoid expenditures exceeding appropriations.

A city ordered uniforms with an expected cost of $6,000 for policemen. This amount is encumbered. The uniforms are received with an invoice of $5,900. The entries to record the receipt of the uniforms should include a debit to

Encumbrances Outstanding of $6,000.

Which of the following budgetary entries would the town of Geneva make upon adoption of its Special Revenue Fund Budget for the year? Assume the following-Estimated Revenues $6,400,000 & Appropriations 6,080,000

Dr. Est. Rev 6,400,000, Cr. Appropriations 6,080,000 & Budgetary Fund Bal 320,000

For a transaction to be classified as an extraordinary item it must be

Unusual in nature and infrequent in occurrence.

A city's General Fund provides a two-year loan to the Internal Service Fund. To record this transaction the city should record a debit to what account in the General Fund

Advance to the Internal Service Fund.

General Fund resources are provided to a Capital Projects Fund to finance a portion of a major capital project. The Capital Projects Fund is required to repay the resources that it received from the General Fund. This transaction is an example of an interfund


Ledford County levied property taxes of $10,000,000, 2% of which is expected to be uncollectible. Prior to this new levy, the county still had $ 350,000 of uncollected taxes from previous years. How much should be reported as Taxes Receivable after the new levy has been recorded


A statement of cash flows is required for which of the following

Enterprise Fund.

Receipts from a special fishing tax committed to maintain the (no-charge) public fishing pier should be accounted for in

A Special Revenue Fund.

The operations of a city bus line receiving all its funding from user charges would be accounted for in

An Enterprise Fund.

A government can only have one

General Fund.

The primary purpose of a fund is

To segregate an organization's resources according to the purpose(s) for which they are to be used.

Which of the following activities would most likely be accounted for as a business-type activity

Water operations.

Which of the following would not be considered a government or nonprofit organization

A software company that sells software exclusively to state and local governments.

Expenses in a proprietary (nonexpendable) fund would not potentially include

Long-term debt principal retirement.

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