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Activity 1.4.a Wind with Miller


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List the five parts of a wind turbine.
How does a wind turbine generate electricity?
It uses wind to push the blades and spin the rotor of a generator
What are the six parts that make up the tower? Briefly describe the function of each part.
Cable takes generated electricity and brings it to the grid
Ladder allows operators to climb up
controller a computer that makes things work
lamps to brighten things
flange ring with bolts that keeps the tower sections together
Platform a place to stop on the way up or down
How tall is a wind turbine tower?
60 meters
What are the twelve parts that make up the nacelle? Briefly describe their function. Investigate how the parts of the wind turbine work.
Rotor catches the wind and spins the main shaft
Gearbox converts the rotation of the rotor from 22RPM into 1500RPM for the generator
yaw motor turns the nacelle to face the wind; responds to the controller
Anemometer device that measures wind speed
mechanical brake keeps the rotor stopped during servicing or repair
main shaft turned by the rotor; connected to the gear box
yaw bearing turns the nacelle to face the wind; responds to the controller
Radiator cools the generator with water or cool air
Controller computer that tells the yaw motor to move the nacelle; monitors other turbine activity
wind vane changes direction with the wind; communicates with controller to yaw motor
small shaft powers generator from the gear box; rotates 1500 RPM
Generator makes usable electricity using magnets and copper wire
It's important that the rotor is firmly secured with lots of
The gearbox changes the turning force so that is has to go __________________________ in every revolution.
With less power
The two types of brakes on a wind turbine are the ________________________ and the _________________________________.
Electrical brakes
Hydraulic brakes
A wind turbine generator is similar to a ______________________________ on a bicycle.
True or False - The wind turbine is controlled by one computer, called the controller.
At what speed is the wind turbine stopped so that damage does not occur?
25 meters per second
What turns the nacelle at the wind vane's indication of wind direction?
The yaw motor
Do yaw bearings' teeth point outward or inward?
What are the two ways that a generator can be cooled?
Air or water
How long is a rotor blade?
25-27 meters but can go up to 39 meters
Answer the following questions as you view "How Does it Work - Rotor." Be sure to click the forward arrow at the top of the page.
There's no question
What is the name of the force pulling the plane up?
The rotor blades of a wind turbine are like the wings of a ___________________.
What makes the glass fiber hard?
Heating in a oven
Why do the shells have to be very smooth?
So the wind will not be slowed/ aerodynamics
What analogy is used to describe the gear system?
girl on bike going uphill
Why is there only one wire on a dynamo lamp?
The frame replaces the other wire
What is electrical induction?
a magnet turning over a coil of copper wire to produce a current
Why is it important that the rotor is as high up in the sky as possible?
The higher it goes the stronger the winds
What is used to weld the sheets of the tower?
A welding robot
Where is the wind strongest?
Up high/ top of the hill
How does wind behave when it meets a steep slope?
moves erratically
In what is the foundation cast?
What is the purpose of the copper wire with no insulation?
To absorb lightning so the turbine doesn't get damaged
What are the components of concrete?
Gravel, sand, water, and cement
How long can a wind turbine generate electricity?
about 20-25 years