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ARF Title 22 Study Guide 1

Preperation for Adult Residential Facility Administrator Test - California

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Disaster Drills to be conducted
At least every 6 months
Licensing will conduct a follow-up inspection of a facility for which a license was issued within ____ days.
90 Days
How long does the licensee have to report by telephone a special incident to licensing?
By the next business morning during regular business hours
Who can change a label on a prescribed medication?
The dispensing pharmacist
Centrally stored medication records must be maintained for how long?
1 year
An Administrator shall be a least ______ years old.
An Administrator must pass a written test administered by the Department (DSS) within _____ days of completing the initial certification.
An Administrator must submit an application form to the Department within ______ days of receiving notification of passing the ARF Administrator test.
Administrator certificates must be renewed every _________ years.
An Administrator must earn how many CEUs to renew their Administrator certification?
How many staff must a licensee employ according to licensing regulations?
The licensee shall employ as many staff as necessary to ensure sufficient provision of care and supervision to meet the client's needs.
When is a signaling system required for a facility?
When a facility has 16 or more residents, is a 2-story building or has separate buildings.
Copies of notices of planned activities must be retained for how long?
6 months
What size facility must have regular consultation by a licensed nutritionist or dietician?
50 or larger
A bond is necessary in facilities that safeguard how much money for a client?
More than $50 per client per month or over $500 for all clients per month.
How old shall persons providing any element of care be? (DSP, etc.)
18 years old
When admitting a resident, the physical and TB test can not be more than _____ months old.
The results of a fingerprint clearance obtained from the Department of Justice must be received within what time period?
Prior to employment residence or initial presence in the facility
A client may be evicted for non-payment of basic service within ___ days?
Upon receipt of a complaint, CCL will make an onsite inspection within ___ days?
Staff providing direct care must have ___ training.
First Aid
Admission agreements are signed no more than ___ days after admission?
How long in advance do menus need to be written?
1 week
Supplies for staples, NON-perishable foods must be maintained for ___________?
7 days
Freezers must maintain a temperature of ___ degrees?
You must have _______ supply of fresh perishable food on hand?
2 days
Refrigerator temperature should be less than ___ degrees?
The temperature in client's rooms should be a minimum of __ degrees?
How long are client records of centrally stored medications kept?
1 year
How often does the Needs and Services Plan or IPP need to be updated?
Every year or as frequently as necessary to ensure its accuracy, and to document significant occurrences that result in changes in the client's physical, mental and/or social functioning.
The licensee shall not accept or retain clients who need the following types of care:
1. Care for prohibitive health conditions or In-patient care in a health facility.
2. Residents who needs conflict with the needs of others in the home.
3. Residents who require more care than the home can provide Persons whose primary need is acute psychiatric care due to a MI.
How large does licensing require bedrooms to be?
Large enough to allow easy passage and comfortable use of any required client-assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers or oxygen equipment.
What are the nighttime care and supervision requirements for a home with 16 to 100 residents?
1 person on duty, on the premises and awake. And another person on call and capable of responding within 30 minutes.
What is required in laundry areas in addition to washers and dryers
Space for ironing and mending of personal clothing.
What is the civil penalty if an unlicensed facility is operated and the operator refuses to seek licensure?
$200 per day