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Returns deoxinated blood from the upper and lower regions of the body.
Coronary Sinus
Drains blood from the heart
Right Atrial Appendage
Extends from the RA drapes over the aortic root and is triangular shaped wtih a large oriface.
Pectinate Muscles
The lateral right and atrial walls and right atrial appendage are usually composed of these muscles - while the rest of the RA walls have a smooth surface
Eustachian Valve
The IVC has a rudimentary valve formed by tissue fold called this. (the svc doesn't have this valve)
Torus Aorticus
The right coronary and non coronary cusp of the aortic valve lie up against the medial right atrial wall - this forms a small bulge (the torus aorticus)
Ostium of the coronary sinus
Located between the IVC and the TV
Coronary sinus
guarded by a flap of tissue which forms a rudimentary valve called the thebesian valve
AV Node
located anterior and medial to the coronary sinus