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  1. William Allen White
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. sweatshop
  4. cost of the bike
  5. legislative branch
  1. a famous writer from Emporia, was a Progressive and worked to destroy the KKK, also wrote "What's the Matter with Kansas?"
  2. b a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions
  3. c document that contains the words: "We the People"
  4. d this group makes the law
  5. e If you decide between buying a bike or a skateboard, and you pick the skateboard, what was your opportunity cost?

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  1. new techniques to help stop the spread of the Dust Bowl
  2. the reason why outsourcing is becoming common to American businesses
  3. regular use of law, used to guarantee legal rights to each person (right to confront your accuser, right to a speedy trial, etc.)
  4. Passed in 1854, created popular soveriegnty, allowing people to vote whether to be a slave or free state
  5. the development of interchangeable parts meant __________ prices on goods

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  1. assimilationthe act of people coming IN to a country


  2. Supreme Courtone of the first forms of Democracy, passed in 1215 in England, limited the power of the King


  3. exportsdeltas, tidelands, and peninsulas are physical characteristics of this geographic region


  4. Eli Whitneyinsufficiency or shortness of supply


  5. seizure of tribal landsDuring the late 1800s in KS, this action by white settlers with support of the US Army led to increased conflict with American Indians