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  1. Bill of Rights
  2. Marshall
  3. Alien & Sedition Acts
  4. judicial review
  5. scarcity
  1. a law that gave John Adams (the president) the power to kick any immigrant out of the country for talking negatively about the government; limited free speech
  2. b the power of the Supreme Court to declare acts of congress unconstitutional
  3. c the first 10 amendements of the Constitution, used to grant freedoms to each citizen
  4. d insufficiency or shortness of supply
  5. e supreme court justice to increased the power of the Supreme Court

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  1. the act of people coming IN to a country
  2. a group of people that works together to improve the rights of worker's of a certain industry
  3. the most important technology and business in the mid-1800s, owned a lot of land in Kansas
  4. the reason why outsourcing is becoming common to American businesses
  5. this group enforces the law

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  1. relocationthe process of moving Native Americans from lands in the east to less desirable lands in the midwest


  2. Gilded Agein the US, a period c 1870 to 1898 (or World War I), which was marked by the growth of industry and wealth which supported materialism and political corruption, coined by Mark Twain


  3. lowerthe development of interchangeable parts meant __________ prices on goods


  4. Reconstructionthe phase the US went through after the Civil War trying to rebuild the country


  5. Fred Harveycreated restaurants along the railroad line, complete with waitresses and hotels