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  1. due process
  2. Fred Harvey
  3. Mexican-American War
  4. seizure of tribal lands
  5. Wyandotte Constitution
  1. a the constitution we use in KS today, outlawed slavery
  2. b During the late 1800s in KS, this action by white settlers with support of the US Army led to increased conflict with American Indians
  3. c this war was caused by: Manifest Destiny, the Texas Revolution, the dispute over the Texas border, and the annexation of Texas by the US
  4. d created restaurants along the railroad line, complete with waitresses and hotels
  5. e regular use of law, used to guarantee legal rights to each person (right to confront your accuser, right to a speedy trial, etc.)

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  1. the first 10 amendments of the Constitution
  2. laws that legalized segregation in the South during Reconstruction
  3. Allowed two states to join the US, created a line that said no slavery north of it
  4. the idea that people should be allowed to vote on the issue of slavery in their new state
  5. the pilgrims wrote this document to help establish a social contract (or set of rules) for their new colony

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  1. Cattle trailsa trail used for IMMIGRANTS moving to lands in the west


  2. cost of the bikeIf you decide between buying a bike or a skateboard, and you pick the skateboard, what was your opportunity cost?


  3. Manifest Destinythe belief that the United States should strech from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific


  4. legislative branchthis group makes the law


  5. Articles of Confederationnew techniques to help stop the spread of the Dust Bowl