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Amendment 11-27

Amendment 11
Suits against States
Amendment 12
Election of the President
Amendment 13
The End of Slavery
Amendment 14
Confer citizenship, but not sufferage to blacks.
2.Defines US citizenship 3.Reinterates due process.
Amendment 15
The right to vote (black male suffrage)
Amendment 16
Income Tax
Amendment 17
Direct elections of the US Senators. We choose the Senators.
Amendment 18
The Prohibition
Amendment 19
Women's right to Vote
Amendment 20
The Lame Duck (politician who are in office and they are coming out of office.)
Amendment 21
The Repeal of Prohibition
Amendment 22
Limitation of Presidential Terms
Amendment 23
Presidential Electors for Washington DC
Amendment 24
The Anti- Poll Tax
Amendment 25
Presidential Disability and Vice Presidential Vacancies
Amendment 26
The 18 Years-Old Vote
Amendment 27
Congressional Pay