The mobile, reproducing, feeding stage of amoeba
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Nucleus with large eccentric karyosome and irregular peripheral clumpingEntamoeba coliTrophozoite that ingests bacteriaEntamoeba coliCysts with up to 8 nuclei and chromatoid bars with splintered endsEntamoeba coliTo better observe Entamoeba coli cysts they should be observed inConcentrated sedimentAmeba found primarily in pigs and monkeysEntamoeba poleckiLarge glycogen inclusion mass and abundance of pointed chromatoid barsEntamoeba poleckiAmeba found in soft tartar between teeth or tonsilar cryptsEntamoeba gingivalisOccasionally found in sputumEntamoeba gingivalisDoes not contain a cyst stageEntamoeba gingivalisTrophozoite ingests WBCsEntamoeba gingivalisCysts less than 10 um and trophozoites less than 12 umEntamoeba hartmanniUp to 4 nuclei in ovoid cyst with irregular clumped karyosome, no peripheral chromatinEndolimax nanaCyst with single nucleus with irregular karyosome, large glycogen vacuoleIodamoeba butshliiStrictly anaerobic intestinal protozoaBlastocystis hominis6-40 um, central "vacuole", surrounded by dark stained nucleiBlastocystis hominisCan be confused for yeastBlastocystis hominisWhen trying to detect Blastocystis hominis, fecal sample should only be rinsed withSalineFound during summer in swimming areasNaegleria fowleriPAMPrimary Amebic MengioencephalitisPAM is associated withNaegleria fowleriDoes not form cyst in humansNaegleria fowleriTrophozoite enters nasal cavity from forced infected water, can get into brainNaegleria fowleriTrophozoites are tolerant to chlorinated water and temperatures reaching 113°FNaegleria fowleriMore commonly infects patients with compromised immune systemsAcanthamoebaCommonly associated with poor contact lens careAcanthamoebaResistant to chlorineAcanthamoebaCyst with single nucleus and double wallAcanthamoebaA permanently stained smear and concentration procedure is required forEntamoeba histolyticaEntamoeba histolytica/disparEntamoeba histolytica/disparEntamoeba histolyticaE. histolytica/disparEndolimax nana4 nuclei, sometimes ovoidEndolimax nanaEndolimax nana trophEndolimax nana cystIodamoeba butschliiGlycogen vacuoleIodamoeba butchlii trophIodamoeba butschliiIodamoeba butschliiEntamoeba poleckiEntamoeba poleckiLarge nucleus, inclusion body, pointed chromatoid bodiesEntamoeba gingivalisEntamoeba hartmanniEntamoeba hartmanniEntamoeba coli5 nucleiAcanthamoebaAcanthamoebaAcanthamoebaNaegleria fowleriNaegleria fowleriNaegleria fowleriBlastocystis hominisBlastocystis hominis