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Which of the following is NOT a minor side effect of the combination pill

heart attack

Colostrum benefits an infant by

* it contains prebiotics and probiotics that help set up the infants digestive tract correctly
*it contains antibodies from the mother's system
*It helps the infant defecate and rid the body of accumulated bilirubin

A benefit of condoms is that they

help prevent the spread of some sexually transmitted infections

The external male genitals include the penis and the


The cell that is created from the fertilization of an ovum with a sperm is called a/an


At about day fourteen of the cycle, during the ___ phase, a mature ovarian follicle releases and egg into fallopian tube


Interest were defined in class as

Things that I like to do

Which of the following describe the characteristics of vaginal mucus prior to ovulation

stretchy and egg white like

In regards to thoughts, which of the following is true

Even though thoughts occur as chemical reactions in the brain we choose how the thoughts effect our emotions

Menstrual Flow is actually the deteriorating

endometrial lining

Which of the following would not increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy

hysterectomy ( Essure, PID, tubal ligation, Endometriosis)

After the birth of her third child, Jenna had a relatively noninvasive surgical procedure to make her sterile. Which of the following did she most likely have

tubal ligation (diarectomy,hysterectomy, vasectomy)

Cindy smokes during her pregnancy. her baby has a higher risk for _____ compared with a baby whose mother did not smoke during pregnancy

Miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth, and low birth weight

The primary function of the ___ is to secrete a fluid that lubricates the urethra and neutralizes acid that remains in the urethra after urination

Cowper's gland

Which of the following is not a barrier method of contraception

Intra uterine contraceptive ( cervical cap, spermicide, male condom, diaphragm)

Conception normally occurs in the

fallopian/uterine tube

Which of the following is the correct order of the sexual response stages

excitement, plateau, orgasm,resolution

Doretta was advised by her doctor to have someone else change the cats litter box during her pregnancy. Her doctor advised this because changing the cat box can increase her risk of


The importance of colostrum is that it

contains antibodies

Values were defined in class as

Something I recognize that is good and worthwhile. I am willing to sacrifice other things to have it in my life

The forms of breast milk discussed in class were

Colstrum,foremilk and hind milk

Janic thinks she has strep throat. She will most likely be prescribed an antibiotic that may decrease the effectiveness of her oral contraceptives. What does she need to do if she is sexually active while taking the antibiotics

Use another form of birth control for the remainder of her cycle after she stops taking the antibiotics

The Glans penis is also called

The Head

Which of the following statements regarding vasectomies is NOT true

It decreases male sexual performance
* It is liess complicated that female sterility
*After one year it is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy
*it is an outpatient procedure

Marla is at the stage of labor where the cervix becomes fully dilated, and the babys head begins to move into the vagina. what is this stage called


The sexual phase in which vasocongestion and muscle tensions reach their peak and rhythmic contractions occur through the genital regions is called the ____ phase


Possible serious health problems associated with oral contraceptives include all of the Following EXCEPT

*heart attacks
*high blood pressure

Where does the male human body store sperm until it reaches full maturity?


All of the following are stages of relationships EXCEPT


The major purpose of prenatal care include all of the following EXCEPT

identification of fetal gender
*preventing pregnancy complications
*early detection of fetal abnormalities
*identification of high risk mothers and infants

NEEDS were defined in class as

Necessary for wellness and health

All fetal organ systems are in place by the end of the

First trimester

The Urethral Orifice in a male is

The area where urine exits the body

In class we discussed how we use healing mechanisms in the nature of humans in relationships. The example used to illustrate this concept was:

A child brining a flower from the yard to its mother while she was on the phone

The function of the casa deferntia is to

store and move sperm

All of the following can cause condom to be less effective EXCEPT

storing them in a cool place
*using petroleum jells as a lubricant
*storing them in a wallet or pocket
*using condoms past the expiration date

A surgical birthing procedure in which a baby is removed through a incision made in the mothers abdominal and uterine walls

Cesarean Section

The death of a fetus after the twentieth week of pregnancy but before delivery


Implantation of a fertilized egg outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube a medical emergency that can end in death from hemorrhage or peritonitis

Ectopic pregnancy

A complication in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine and edema


Loss of the fetus before it is viable, also called spontaneous abortion


Contraceptives methods that block the metting the egg and sperm by means of a physical barrier (such as condoms, diaphragm, or cervical cap, a chemical barrier such as spermicidal or both

Barrier Method

The number of pregnancies that are likely to occur in the first year of use with typical use that is, with the normal number of errors memory lapse and incorrect of incomplete use

Typical use failure rate

The number of pregnancies that are likely to occur in the first year of use (per 100 users of the method) if the method is used as directed

Perfect use failure rate

Pills taken daily that prevent ovulation by regulating hormones

Oral contraceptives

Contraceptives method that introduces synthetic hormones into the women's system to prevent ovulation, thicken cervical mucus, or prevent a fertilized egg from implanting

Ectopic Pregnancy

Surgical removal of the uterus


Sterilization of the woman that involves the cutting and tying off or cauterizing of the fallopian tubes

tubal ligation

Implantation of a fertilized egg outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube; a medical emergency that can end in death from hemorrhage or peritonitis

Ectopic Pregnancy

The termination of a pregnancy by expulsion or removal of an embryo of feus from the uterus


Sterilization of the man that involves the cutting and tying off of both vasa deferentia


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