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A ____ helps you manage multiple folders and files stored in various locations on a computer.


____ is a powerful communications and scheduling program that helps you communicate with others, among other things.


As you type, Excel displays the entry in the ____ bar.


As shown in the accompanying figure, the basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation is a ____.


A ____ in Excel is like a notebook.


A cell is referred to by its cell ____.


To display the Start menu, press ____.


A ____ is a list of related items, including folders, programs, and commands.


A(n) ____ on a menu performs a specific action, such as saving a file.


The ____ cell on the worksheet is the one into which you can enter data.

operating system

coordinates all the activities of computer hardware

shortcut key

A(n) _________________________ allows you to perform tasks using the keyboard by pressing one or more keyboard keys.


The horizontal and vertical lines on an Excel worksheet are called

system unit

The processor, memory, and storage devices are housed in a box-like case called the ____.


____ conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people.


A ____ is a small metal or plastic device that looks like a ballpoint pen, but uses pressure instead of ink to write, draw, or make selections.


A ____ is a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer.

operating system

A(n) ____ is system software.


A ____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that you can use in case the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.

Communications standard used to transfer pages on the Web.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

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