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Middle Ages Review

middle ages review
What happend in Western Europe after the fall of rome?What conditions led to the rise of feudalism?
Barbarian tribes took over the west . Vikings then attackked all the induvidual barbairian tribes. William the conquer started feudalism in england.
Who were the important leaders from the Franks?
pepin, clovis, charlamane, charles martel
What was the heiarchy of the feudal system? What needs did it fulfill?
King/queen, lord/lady, vassal, knight, surf. Served need for land and protection.
How did feudalism affect everyday life in the people of Europe?What was their daily life like?
in the castle-not copfortable, the village-unpleasent, the monestary-plenty of food high class, the town- narrow crowded streets
What was the magna carta?
an english legal document - itgave nobels rights,l lords and laddies rights, and less power to the king
In what ways were feudal japan and fuedal europe alike and different?
slimilar-both were in need of protectoin and were served by feudalism, both had a heirarchy difference- in europe the warrior in feudalism was a kight and is Japan it was a samurai, europes religion was christianity and japans was buddhism
What was the heirarchy of the roman catholic chruch?
pope, cardinal, archbishop, priest, deacon
How did power shift away from kings and into the hands of the pope?
the pope excommunicated the king form the church because he appointed the wrong bishops
What aspects of society did the church dominate during this time?
daily life, education, and art
How did the eastern orthodox church differ from the roman catholic church?
roman catholic: pope spoke latin, religion disscussion was not tolerated, and no icons, eastern orthodox churh hd a patriarch, kspoke dgreek, and religious disscussions were tollerated, and had many icons
What led to the Schism?
the excommunication of the king
What were the crusades?
wars to win back the holy lands from the muslims
What were the dates and names of the crusades?
1095-1272 1st- "victory of the crusaders" 2nd- "saladin rises to power" 3rd- "Crusade of the kings" 4th- "the sack of constantinople"
What positive and effects did the crusades have on europe?
positive- trade grew, military improved, church strngthened, world veiw expanded.
What were the negative effects the crusades had on europe?
killed jews, goal not acheived.
What was the Black Death?
A plauge that spread all over peoples bodies and created huge lumps and welts all over.
Where did the Black Death origninate from?
How did the Black Death spread?
trading furs and clothing from people who had died becuse of it.
What were the effects the Black Death had on europe?
europe learned new medicine techniqes and this made europe a whole lot smarter.