Test #4: Animal Biology


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Where is sperm focused?
seminiferous tubules
What secretes testosterone?
Lydia Cells
What is the most aggressive Testicular cancer?
What is a comma shaped organ?
What transports the sperm during ejaculation?
Vas Deferens and Ejaculatory Duct
What is the urethra?
valve at the bladder base that prevents urine from entering during ejaculation
What do the Cowper's glands do?
secretion passes through urethra before sperm to remove urine traces
What is another word for an Ovary?
What are the two characteristics of estrogen?
Primary Sex Characteristics and Secondary Sex Characteristics
Where does fertilization occur?
Uterine tubes
Which layer of Uterine tube detaches during the menstrual cycle?
Functional layer
What is the smooth muscle layer of the uterus?
Which day does the vase of ovulation occur?
day 14, and the hormone LH surge is released
Which phase is the first through fifth day of the uterine cycle?
Menstrual phase
What is the 2nd step in the Fertilization process?
acrosomal enzymes digest a portion of zone pellucida
What is a trophoblast?
becomes the chorion
When is the embryonic period?
second week through the end of the second month
What happens during the third month in the placenta?
gender can be distinguished and fingernail appear
What happens during the seventh month in the placenta?
tested descend into scrotum, eyes open in, 12 in 3 lb
What happens in stage 1 of birth?
What is effacement?
cervix shortens (moves toward head of baby), softens, and becomes thinner
What is the energy flow through ecosystems?
What is an autotroph?
organisms capable of synthesizing their own food
What is a heterotroph?
organisms that cannot synthesize their own food. feed on autotrophs or other organisms that feed on autotrophs
What is a food chain?
a linear transfer of energy of energy from producers through a sequence of organisms that feed on each other
What are trophic levels?
feeding levels
What is a food web?
A group of interconnected food chains
What is the pyramid of biomass?
represents the amount of biomass at each trophic level
What is a biomass?
total mass of living matter in a given area
What is a biomagnification?
accumulation of molecules as ascend trophic levels