40 terms

World History Chapter 24 The new imperialism

the domination by one country of the political economic or cultural life of another country or region
country with its own government but under the control of an outside power
sphere of influence
an area in which and outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privileges
Usman dan Fodio
scholar and preacher denounced corruption of the local Hausa rulers
waged relentless war and conquered ,many nearby peoples
view of Africans
Dr. David Livingstone
explorer and missionary for 30 years he crisscrossed Africa
Henry Stanley
journalist who trekked into central Africa to find Livingstone
King Leopold II
hired Stanley to explore the Congo river
Boer War
involved bitter gurreilla fighting the British won
Samori Toure
fought French forces in west Africa where he was building his own empire
Yaa Asanrewaa
she led the fight against the British in the last Asante war
military leader who was captured and executed
Menelik II
began to modernize his country (Ethiopia)
upper class
Muhammad Ahmad
announced he was the long awaited savior of the faith
the long awaited savior of the faith
provincial rulers
rulers of the Ottoman Turkish empire
an attempt to destroy a radical political or cultural group
Muhammad Ali
ambitious solider appointed governor of Egypt
special rights given to foreign powers
a Hindu custom practiced mainly by the upper classes
Indian soldiers
representative who ruled one of Spain's provinces in the Americas in the kings name one who governed India in the name of the British monarch
cutting of trees
Ram Mohun Roy
combined Hindu and Muslim views
the isolation of women in separate quarters
balance of trade
difference between how much a country imports and how much it exports
trade surplus
exported more than imported
trade deficit
buying more land than selling
Opium War
Chinese warships clashed with British merchants triggering a war
payment for losses in the war
the right to live under their own laws and be tried in their own courts
Taiping Rebellion
peasant revolt
Sino-Japanese war
Japanese pressure on china led to what
Open door policy
American approach to china favoring open trade relations between china and other nations
Guang Xu
he launched the 100 days of reform
Boxer Uprising
anti foreign movement in china
Sun Yixian
organized the revolutionary alliance to rebuild China