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Chapter 4 Universal Design


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Universal Design
The process of creating products that are accessible and usable to people with a wide range of abilities , disabilities, and other characteristics
Refers to the characteristic that products, services, and facilities can be independently used by people with a variety of disabilities
Refers to the comfort and acceptability of a product,evaluated through user feedback
Act provides for comprehensive civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities in the areas of: Employment, state and local government services, public accommodations, & telecommunications
ADA Title I
Prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in such areas as job application procedures, hiring, discharge, promotion, job training, and other conditions of employment
ADA Title II
Prohibits exclusion of disabled persons from benefits, services, or activities offered by the government
Guarantees persons with disabilities access to privately operated places of business
ADA Title IV
Requires telephone companies to provide interstate and intrastate telecommunications relay service so that hearing impaired and speech impaired individuals can communicate with others
ADA Title V
Refers to the administration and hanging of complaints under ADA.
Parking Spaces
4% minimum, 4/100 or if you have 2 parking spaces, one of the 2 has to be accessible
No long than 15', 1:12 ratio meaning that for each foot, you need 12 ft of ramp. If you need a ramp longer than 15 ft you need a resting spot; not too wide as well
32" wide (minimum); must swing out
Curb cuts
36" wide at the base
Perfect step: 14 inch tread & 5 inch riser
Baille signs
Less than 10% read
Accessible Entrances
At least 50% must be accessible
Water Fountains
Half of units must be accessible
Fire alarms
Flashing fire alarms for those who are hearing impaired
Accessible Stadiums
At least 1% must be wheelchair accessible; COMPANION SEAT must be provided next to each wheelchair seating location; whenever more than 300 seats, wheelchair seating must be dispersed throughout the stadium; Provide lines of sight comparable to other spectators
Condiments/ self-serve food items must be provided within reach of a person using a wheelchair
Playing fields & lockers
Accessible route; also route for disabled parents who want to watch their children who are playing sport
Assistive Listening Systems
Amplify sounds and deliver it to a special receiver that is worn by the spectator; 4% of seats
Courts/ Dugouts
Gate for each court; Dugouts must be accessible
Picnic Tables
50% but no less than 2 when more than 4 provided; if 3 than 1, if 4 than 2; Dispersed seating, 50% in each area
Challenge course instructors
Only 50% reported that they received training in how to address the needs of persons with disabilities but we want to reach 100%!