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A set of people related by blood, marriage, or some other agreed-upon relationship, or adoption, who share the primary responsibility for reproduction and caring for members of society.

How does the textbook define a family?

extended family

A woman and her husband, her children, her parents, her mother-in-law, her sister, a parakeet, two Irish setters, a cow, and five chickens live together on a farm in the Midwest. This is an example of a

the limited amount of good land they may inherit

Tibetan women may have more than one husband simultaneously, which allows for sons to share

nuclear family

A married couple and their unmarried children living together constitute a (an)

nuclear family

A man and his wife and their children, along with five Chinese Shar-Peis, four Siamese cats, eight parakeets, two ducks, a goat, and a dozen tropical fish, live on a pretty piece of land in Woodstock, Vermont. They are an example of a

extended family

A married couple, their children, and other relatives—such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles—living together in the same household constitute a

extended family

A married couple, their children, and the husband's sister all living together in the same home constitute an


one woman and one man are married only to eachother

serial monogamy

A form of marriage in which a person can have several spouses in his or her lifetime but only one spouse at a time is called

serial monogamy

Steve and Mary are married and then get a divorce. Steve then marries Rachel, and they get a divorce, too. Steve remarries Mary and lives with her until she dies. After Mary's death, Steve marries Beth and lives with her until his death. Steve's life would be an example of


What is the general term for a marriage in which an individual can have several husbands or wives at the same time?


The Oneida community existed in New York State from 1840 to 1880, and its members were all married to one another—that is, all the men in the community were married to all the women, and all the women were married to all the men. This would be an example of


Which term refers to the marriage of a man to more than one woman at the same time?


Some Tibetans and the Toda tribe of India practiced female infanticide, which led to a shortage of adult women. As a result, a family was often composed of a group of brothers and a wife, whom they shared. This is an example of


perspective would suggest that polyandrous cultures devalue the social worth of women

favor of the father's relatives in terms of property, inheritance and emotional ties

Patrilineal descent refers to a


Males are expected to dominate family decision making in a

matrilineal descent

A kinship system that favors the relatives of the mother is based on

Women dominate in family deesision making

In some hunting-and-gathering societies, men are away from home for long periods of time. As a result, it is not unusual to find that the women are fully responsible for the household and for making most of the major family decisions. In these societies, which pattern of authority is evident?

Egalistarian family

In which type of authority pattern are the adult members of the family regarded as equals?

inequality because of its role in the transfer of power, property, and privilege.

Friedrich Engels, a colleague of Karl Marx, noted that the family is the ultimate source of social

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective would likely be interested in the authority system of a family?

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective notes the ways in which the family gratifies the needs of its members and contributes to the stability of society?

socialization, reproductive, and protective functions for its members.

William F. Ogburn noted that the family provides

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective would suggest that social change has influenced the family in that many traditional family activities, such as education, have been assumed by other social institutions?

Conflict perspective

Which sociological perspective would be likely to suggest that family decision making reflects the inequality of traditional gender stratification in which men have held a dominant position over women?

Conflict perspective

Which sociological perspective would argue that the U.S. family contributes to social injustice and denies women opportunities that are commonly extended to men?

Conflict perspective

Feminists suggest that laws in the U.S. traditionally viewed wives and children as the property of the husband. This view reflects the concerns of which sociological perspective?

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective would most likely focus attention on the personal relationships between stepparents and their stepchildren and the family dynamics involved in such relationships?

Conflict perspective

Which sociological perspective would contend that social scientists need to rethink the notion that families without an adult male present are automatically a cause for concern?


The restriction of mate selection to people within the same group is known as


Shula, an Orthodox Jew, marries Nathan, a Reform Jew. Shula is disowned by her parents because, as far as they are concerned, she has married outside their religion. She has violated the rule of


The requirement that individuals select mates from outside certain groups is known as

incest taboo

the prohibition of sexual relationships between certain culturally specified relatives


The incest taboo is an example of

both the incest taboo and exogamy

In most states in the U.S., an individual is not permitted to marry a parent, a sibling, an aunt or an uncle, a grandparent, or a first or second cousin. These rules reflect our societal emphasis on

racial, ethnic, and religious group

In the U.S., endogamous rules stressed by many groups include marriage within one's own

feminization of poverty

the disproportionate representation of female-headed households among the poor.

among the poor

According to your text women play a significant role in the economic support of the family when
the family is


a sense of virility, personal worth, and pride in one's maleness

extended family

Although Maria and Juan, a young Mexican-American couple, have formed a nuclear family, they enjoy their parents and relatives and interact with them on a daily basis. This is an example of

were only onne parent is present to care for the children.

Overall single parent families are

quite abrupt

Alice Rossi suggested that the transition to parenthood is

successful parenthood

Alice Rossi suggested that our society lacks clear-cut and helpful guidelines concerning


The process that allows for the transfer of the legal rights, responsibilities, and privileges of parenthood to a new legal parent or parents is referred to as


A teenage couple produces a baby, and they agree that they are too young to raise it on their own. The girl's aunt and uncle cannot produce a child of their own, and they all agree that it would be a good idea if they take legal custody of the baby. This is an example of

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective would be most likely to point out that policymakers have both a humanitarian and a financial stake in promoting adoption?

d. All of the above

What social factors have contributed to the rise of dual-income families in the U.S.?
a. economic need
b. transient jobs
c. females pursuing their career
d. All of the above

The greater social acceptance of divorce

What does the text identify as the single most important factor in the increase of divorce?

Asian Americans

Cohabitation is least common among which racial or ethnic group in the U.S.?

Economic considerations

has contributed the most to the shift in public attitudes for married couples to remain childless?

Functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective views marriage as a social institution closely tied to human reproduction?

Conflict perspective

Which sociological perspective suggests that denial of the right to marry reinforces the second-class status of gays and lesbians?

Two unrelated adults who share a mutually caring relationship, reside together, and agree to be jointly responsible for their dependents, basic living expenses, and other common necessities.

How does the textbook author define a domestic partnership?

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