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Which of the following would not be studied through the use of ICD 10 CM?

causes of prregnancy. Correct ones are: patterns of disease,disease epidemics, causes of mortality.

In a closed system like ICD 10 CM, a disease,condition, or procedure can be classified only in ____-

one location.

Which organizations is NOT responsible for the maintenance of ICD 10 CM?

DRGs Diagnois related groups

as explained in the article that appeared in AHIMA by Josette Hanna entitled Consstructing a Coding Compliance Plan" several steps must be taken for a coding departement to be certain the department is in compliance. Which of the following is NOT one of the steps?


the ICD 10 CM classification system is a closed system composed of____

diseases, asurgeries, symptoms, injuries ( all of the above).

In ICD 10 CM the CM stands for

cliniical modification

All of the following are members of the cooperating parties x:


The steps necessary for transition to ICD 10 CM and ICD 10 PCS,involve which of the following areas within healthcare

Billing, research, accounting (ALL of above)

Contains approximately 14000 codes


Contains 69000 codes


Codes are 3 to 7 characters


Codes begin with a letter


Maximum 5 digit code


Codes that end with a number

All of the above are correct (ICD 9 CM, ICD 10 CM)

No laterality included in codes


Codes can end with a letter

ICD 10 C M

Codes begin with a number except for V&E supplementary classification

All the above are correct (9&10)

This is an area of the record where the attending physicians, as well as physician consultants, give their directives to the house staff, nursing, and ancilary services

See physician's orders

Sometimes ________ will be used to help diagnose a patient's condition.


Which of these is not considered a physician?

Medical student

In some cases, a patient is ready ro be discharged from a hospital, but at the last minute the patient develops a condition that requires him or her to stay an additional night. An example of when a patient might have to stay an additional night is when the patient ________________.

Develops a fever.

The AHIMA practice brief says the query forms should do none of the following except __________.

Contain precise language.

Chronic conditions include all of the following except ____________.

All of the above (HTN, CHF, asthma, emphysema)

A query should contain all of the following items except __________.

Amount of increased reimbursement due to query.

_______ is a reference that instructs coders to look up another term to locate a code for a particular condition.

See condition.

________ is /r used in both the index and tabular list to enclose supplementary words that may be present or absent in the statement of a disease or procedure, without affecting the code assignment.


Which statement is not true of inclusion terms?

An inclusion note under a code indicates that the terms exclude from the code are to be coded elsewhere.

The word ________ should be interpreted to mean either "and" "or" when it appears in the title.


________ is used in the alphabetic index to provide guidance when two conditions are related or have a causal relationship.

Due to

What does CPT stand for?

Current procedural terminology.

Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (L00-L99) represent a ___________.


The code "L01 impetigo" represents a ________.


The code "L05.0 pilonidal cyst and sinus width abscess" represents a ________.


The bolded subterm in the diagnostic statement cortical cataract is a/an ______.

Non essential modifier.

The bolded subterm in the diagnostic statement aspiration pneumonia is a/an ___________.

Essential modifier.

The bolded subterm in the diagnostic statement purulent pneumonia is a/an _____________.

Non essential modifier.

The bolded subterm in the diagnostic statement poorly controlled diabetes is a/an __________.

Essential modifier.

The bolded subterm in the diagnostic statement bacterial pneumonia is a./an __________.

Essential modifier.

The main term for procedures in ICD 10 CM is identified by the ________.

Procedure preformed.

The main term in sickle sell anemia is ________.


When evaluating an ER record, a coder should first check the __________.

Chief complaint

Which of the following is a basic step in coding?

D) all 1) Review the medical record 2) ID main term in the alphabetic index 3) Assign codes to the highest level of specificity

The main term is _________.

A term identifying disease conditions or injuries.

Identify the main term in the procedure vaginal hysterectomy.


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