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Comparative Ad
In a(n) __________, the featured brand name is mentioned, as is the brand name of a competitor.
Price promotion
SuperStore is researching its options regarding the quickest way the company can increase sales. SuperStore's research should lead it to which of the following?
A(n) __________ ad is used for a new product, whereas a mature brand uses an image ad.
According to the elaboration likelihood model (ELM), which of the following is a way into your brain?
High Quality
Saffire Clothing's ads claim that the brand is an exclusive, premium brand. Saffire's products need to be __________, priced relatively high, and distributed relatively exclusively.
They are more authentic and trustworthy
Ralph's Big & Tall retail stores, a national men's apparel retail shop, does not use celebrity endorsers in its advertising. Instead, its ads feature regular people offering testimonials as to the high quality of the merchandise carried by Ralph's and the superior customer service the store provides. Firms such as Ralph's Big & Tall opt to use regular people instead of celebrities because
Non comparative
ABC Co. is adding a few brand extensions to its products. The company wants to create positive attitudes and awareness about its extensions. What type of ads should the company use?
Commodity like
Coffee Bean Co. competes in the crowded coffee bean product category and sells its products in grocery stores and other stores selling coffee products. The firm has struggled to distinguish its brand because consumers view many products in many purchase categories as
Companies advertise in many different ways. Which of the following is NOT a likely method of advertising?
For __________ tests, the primary consideration is memory.
Which of the following ad types does NOT tend to be rational in content and processed cognitively?
A two-sided ad is viewed as being more
Which of the following is NOT a way marketers wish to affect consumers in advertising?
A movie theater flashes the word "Popcorn" on the screen before showing the movie. It is attempting which form of advertising?
Which of the following ad types does NOT trigger emotional responses?
Hite Enterprises avoids using negative emotions in its advertisements. Hite Enterprises likely does not use emotions such as __________ to sells its products.
Advertising informs shareholders of the company's status and plans
Which of the following is NOT a reason that marketing is important?
FunnyTime Products uses humor in its ads to communicate with its fun-loving consumers. What type of ads does FunnyTime Products create?
Non-comparative ad
In a(n) __________, a brand is mentioned and its features, attributes, and image portrayal are conveyed in the message.
AIDA represents attention, interest, desire, and
Comparative ad
What should a company do if a competitor starts a price war?
SnowBlowers, Inc. expresses the benefits of using its snowblowers. What type of argument is SnowBlowers, Inc. using?
Sleeper effect
_________ is when a piece of information is conveyed by any type of source, expert or not, and the consumer remembers the information, but not the source.
Transfer agent
In the basic model of dyadic communication, there are three parts. Which of the following is NOT one of the parts?
Ad with lots of information
If the advertising goal is to increase awareness, what type of ad should be run?
SnowBlowers, Inc. is targeting consumers in the northern regions of the United States and focusing on giving consumers practical and functional reasons to buy its snowblowers. What type of ad is SnowBlowers, Inc. using?
All elements of the marketing mix are important, but __________ is the most direct communication link.
Source Credibility
Which of the following theories describes how spokespeople's endorsements work?
Not easily achieved
The goal of getting the consumer to purchase is
Develop the positivity of the attitudes toward the brand
When a brand is growing, what should an ad campaign do?
Integrated marketing communications
When a marketer looks for his ads to have a holistic nature that is consistent across all media choices, he is using
Event Sponsorship
__________ is usually used for sports. It can also sometimes be of other cultural or artistic endeavors. It is an effective medium because it's exciting, and the brands draw from both their positive valence and their high positive energy
Recovery mode
Oil Solutions, Inc. is a Texas-based oil company. One of its tanker ships was delivering oil from an off-shore drilling station to a refinery. The ship was in need of repairs and leaked a large quantity of oil into clear, blue ocean waters. The director of public relations for Oil Solutions, Inc. tried to smooth over this embarrassing accident. In this example, PR was used in a
Price point
Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that advertising effectiveness can be assessed?
Gross rating points
In marketing, GRP is an acronym for
Can be smaller
If the target market is large, the saturation percentage __________ to be profitable.
The company spends 10% more on advertising than it did in the previous year
Anita is working on determining the amount she should request for next year's advertising budget. She is having difficulty coming up with a reasonable figure. One of Anita's colleagues mentions that advertising budgets are typically determined in one of three ways. Which is NOT one of the three typical methods?
This is equal to 21.3 million TVs. The Voice charges $300,000 for a 30-second ad. If a meal contribution at Taco Bell is $0.20, what percentage of viewers needs to buy a meal to break even on the ad costs?
Ryan is a marketer for a computer gaming company. He wants to advertise the game's new graphics but doesn't want to pay the high price of showing it off on TV. Which of the following media should he use?
Sunday night football
Ad costs are the highest during which program?
Integrated marketing communications
Donna's philosophy as she coordinates her firm's marketing efforts is to keep in mind the company's overarching strategy and to ensure that all marketing activities send a consistent message, beginning with the communications but also including the other marketing mix elements. Based on this information, Donna is most likely a proponent of
National Electronics makes hearing aids. It created one humorous ad and made another ad that explained how the device will make the user's life better. These two ads are an example of __________ across media and messages.
What is a communication tool that is not paid for by the brand's company, and therefore appears to be objective?
Sally is the creative director at a New York-based agency. In thinking about a list of goals for the ads she is responsible for creating, which is likely NOT on her list?
What type of ad is also referred to as fighting or pulsing?
Who is the target audience?
For any ad, what is a question that needs to be answered?
Pepsi advertises in multiple media
Evan is participating in advertising research for Pepsi. He is asked if he can remember where he saw an ad for Pepsi. He cannot accurately answer where he saw the ad. This is why it's important that
How do I train them?
Which is NOT one of the three questions that should be addressed in designing a sales force?
Doesn't increase sales in general
What is the result if you increase your ad budget relative to the competition?
1-minute radio ad
Which ad would be the least expensive?
Sears has an ad for Christmas trees in December. What type of ad is this?
Product placement
A fairly subtle approach to advertising is
Channel members
In a push-based system of distribution, which relies on selling to customers through a sales force and retail partners, managers direct their promotional efforts more towards
What best fits my target segment
When choosing media, which of the following questions should be asked?
Sales promotion
A coupon is an example of
The __________ process works in selling, just as it does in advertising
The web
Bill's Surf Shop needs to advertise. Which option provides the largest frequency?
What kind of media schedule has a fairly regular ad exposure
14 million
The Department of Labor estimates how many jobs are in sales?
Any media
The goal of IMC is to integrate a brand message across
Magazines and websites his target audience visit
Joe has his own small business. He doesn't have the budget to advertise on huge national sporting events. What is a good alternative place from him to advertise?
This is equal to 21.3 million TVs. The Voice charges $700,000 for a 30-second ad. If a meal contribution at Taco Bell is $0.60, how many purchases are required to break even for the ad costs?
Which of the following media options has the most reach?
Which medium yields the largest reach numbers?
Donovan Digital sells sophisticated high-tech products. Donovan Digital can best explain its products in which media?
Click thru rates
When advertising online, what is typically measured to assess the success of the program?
Orange Inc. is a consumer electronics company and is preparing to launch its new portable music device, the uTune. In planning its advertising strategy, the company should keep in mind that the cost to produce a fairly simple 30-second television commercial today is at least
Company ABC is considering using product placement as a creative means to get in front of consumers. Which of the following is NOT likely to be an alternative for product placement in its overall advertising strategy?
__________ is the average number of times a target audience saw an ad within some set duration.
As ad spending increase, sales increases
Which of the following describes the general trend of proportion of ad spending to sales?
Which of the following includes honesty, trust, and opportunities for two-way dialogue?
Via Facebook, Brenda tells Bobbie about a new band she just discovered, and Bobbie feels compelled to check them out because she believes Brenda's endorsement is genuine. What is the term for this phenomenon?
Overall sales of __________ have decreased in recent years.
Marketing goals
For companies calculating ROI, the cost of social media actions depends on
Page titles
Which of the following components do gurus say is the most important when ranking the order of Google's search results?
Restaurants and movies
Which of the following has the most WOM?
Lengthy experience blogs
Which of the following is NOT a good way to optimize reach
Word-of-mouth seems to be
Customer, SKU's
In a cluster analysis, the rows represent __________, and the columns represent __________
Which of the following options did researchers determine increases brand popularity on social media like Facebook?
What term refers to the sheer number of visits or estimates of the number of unique visitors to a given website?
Make product recommendations
Amazon.com uses structural equivalence to do which of the following?
Many companies (including YouTube, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Oreo, and MTV) have many friends/fans on Facebook. In other words, they are quite sophisticated when it comes to __________ marketing.
Key Performance Indicators
What does KPI stand for?
Sharing slices of life with friends
What is the main goal for users on Facebook?
WOM works best on inherently ____________ products
Post Purchase
Customers can post complaints or positive review during which phase?
What is the most fundamental means of interaction?
What term refers to the tabular representation used to analyze social networks?
Recommendation agents are a boon as a systematic means of
What food brand solicited ideas for new flavors via videos?
The easiest and most common way to characterize __________ in a social network is to count the number of connections each actor has with the others in the network.
Distributors of links in most networks follow a(n) __________ rule
What term refers to a graphical depiction of a network?
Word-of-mouth feels _________ to consumers
What term refers to a homogenous sample of like-minded people within a network
Companies can provide __________ to Web visitors by letting them preorder a product not yet available to others.
Increased, Decreased
Compared to a few years ago, the number of radio stations has __________, and the time listeners tune in has __________.
Visitors should have to fill out a form including basic information
Web analytics experts disdain the "Contact Us" buttons. What do they recommend instead?
Bounce rate
Which of the following is the percent of sessions for which a visitor lands on the website and views only one page before quickly leaving?
Structurally equivalent
Two actors are said to be __________ if their links to others are the same.
Either systematic or directional
In a social network, ties can be
It was equally manipulated
To narrow the search for consumers, search engines used to measure the relevance of a website or an information page by counting the number of times the searched words appeared on that web page or document. Why don't they use this criterion anymore?
Search engine optimization
What does SEO stand for?
A/B Split Test
What is it called when one group is exposed to one ad or new product description (or whatever element of the marketing mix the marketer is testing) and the other group is either a control group or sees a different version?
Less expensive
Compared to more traditional advertising, using social media is
Analogous to
KPIs for social media are __________ traditional measures for advertising effectiveness
What term refers to the set of actors (or nodes) and the relational ties that link them?
Many of the measures during the pre-purchase phase fall into the broad category of
Which of the following is a classic measure of the size of the audience that has been exposed to some brand information and who might therefore have some familiarity with the brand?