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are common examples of e-marketplaces.

Knowledge management

is a technique used to improve CRM systems (and many other systems) by identifying, storing, and disseminating "know-how" - facts about how to perform tasks.

personalization, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits; this is an example of

grocery store loyalty cards

Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using ____.


The ____ is at the center of the CPFR process.


Stores use "____" to get a customer to buy additional products that they might already be purchasing from a different store.


Using the Internet and Web protocols for EDI lowers the cost of ____ documents.


A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources.

third-party is an example of a(n) ____ exchange.

Collaborative filtering

____ searches for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources.


Order transmissions are part of the ____ flow in the SCM.

enterprise system

A(n) ____________________ is an application used in all functions of a business that supports decision making throughout the organization.


A supply ____________________ is an integrated network consisting of an organization, its suppliers, transportation companies, and brokers used to deliver goods and services to customers.


Supply chain management (SCM) is the process of working with suppliers and other partners in the supply chain to improve procedures for ____________________ products and services.


Management activities in the product ____________________ area trace the movement of goods from suppliers to customers.


A(n) ____________________ is a third-party exchange (a B2B business model) that provides a platform for buyers and sellers to interact with each other and trade more efficiently online.


Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) is used to _____________ supply chain members through point-of-sale (POS) data sharing and joint planning.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

____________________ consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with customers.

salesforce automation

The CRM feature known as ____________________ refers to assisting with such tasks as controlling inventory, processing orders, tracking customer interactions, and analyzing sales forecasts and performance.

automated customer service

The CRM feature known as ____________________ is used to manage call centers and help desks and can sometimes answer customers' queries automatically.


allows customers to modify the standard offering, such as selecting a different home page to be displayed each time you open your Web browser.


When you create a computer program, you are implementing a(n)


Modules are implemented as


In the debug phase of software development, errors are


Usually the software design is based on ____________________ from the client.

integration test

A(n) ____________________ checks to see if a method works when it is mixed in with other methods to form an overall software package.


A good software development practice is to ________ a long / complex task into a group of smaller tasks.

camel case

The names of classes, objects, methods, and worlds in this book generally follow a pattern called the ____________________ naming convention


Object class names usually begin with ____________________ letters.


The names of instances of a class usually begin with ____________________ letters.


To implement a binary choice, place the instruction to be executed when the condition is true below the word If, and the
instruction to be executed if the condition is false below the word Else.


Object-oriented programming encourages reusability.

branching routine

A selection sequence is also known as a(n)


Long algorithms cannot be broken into smaller modules.


A(n) ____ loop is a special type of sentinel loop in which the sentinel is a counter that is not allowed to go beyond a certain value.


In a flowchart, ____ boxes represent branching.


can be used to diagram rules for decision making.


Debugging occurs whenever errors are exposed in the testing process.


Alice has a special instruction, the Loop instruction, used specifically for creating count-controlled loops.


In linear sequences, the sequence of instructions needs to be in the proper order.


Having the iceSkater say "Good morning" if it is before noon and "Good afternoon" if it is after noon is an example of a binary choice.


The color of an object, such as a cone, is pre-defined and cannot be changed.


Flowcharts are still commonly used to help people understand the logical structure of algorithms.


A(n) ____ is a marker or a condition that tells the computer when to stop executing a loop.


A(n) ____ is a step-by-step process that can be clearly defined.


In the ____ phase, each method is tested to see if it works by itself and with other methods.


The software development cycle has ____ phases.


Alice contains an instruction for a posttest loop.


A flowchart is a diagram that shows the structure of an algorithm.


Every computer program is an algorithm — a step-by-step process.


A collection of ____ together make up the components of a more complex algorithm.


Designers describe the methods needed for each object as ____ that perform specific tasks.


In a binary bypass, it is possible that nothing will happen and the algorithm will move on to the next step.


The computer programming symbol combination <> stands for "not equals."


The word ____ is used for looping instead of the word If that was used for branching.


Alice has a world-level, built-in function is AM, which returns a value of true if the time on the system clock is before 12:00 PM and false if it is not.


In a flowchart, ____ represent the steps in an algorithm.


Binary bypasses and binary choices are both implemented in Alice using an If/Else instruction tile.


The three major elements of logical structure that make up every algorithm are linear sequences, selection sequences, and ____________________ sequences.


Computer scientists and software engineers use many different types of ____________________to describe computer software.


If one step in an algorithm is incorrect, the algorithm is


Linear sequences need to be ____________________, correct, and in the proper order.


A(n) ____________________ sequence occurs whenever the flow of instructions in a computer program splits into separate paths.


There must be a(n) ____________________to determine which path the computer will follow each time the selection sequence is being executed.


___________ branching occurs when the path of logic in an algorithm divides into more than two paths.

binary bypass

In a(n) ____________________, an instruction is either executed or bypassed.


Binary bypasses and binary choices are both implemented in Alice using a(n) ____________________ instruction tile.


Multiple branching can always be rewritten as a series of ____________________ binary branching routines.


The IF instruction and the ____________________ instruction both contain tests to determine if an instruction set should be executed.

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