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Great Depression Review (Great Depression)


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Black Tuesday
October 29, 1929; the day the stock market crashed
Causes of the Depression
Buying on Margin, overproduction, underconsumption, poor banking system, unwise loans (German War Loans)
Great Depression
economic hard times that lasted from 1929-1940s
unable to pay debts
soup kitchens
set up by Herbert Hoover as a relief program to help feed the poor, unemployed
public works
programs built by the government to benefit the public; set up by Herbert Hoover to promote relief
Bonus Army
veterans of WWI who marched to Washington DC to demand the bonus they were promised; Hoover called out the National Guard; created a very poor view of Hoover
Franklin Roosevelt
presented the American people with a New Deal to solve the problems of the Great Depression
fireside chats
the 30 speeches that FDR gave while in office to keep the American people updated about the progress of the New Deal
CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps
gave public works jobs to young men to improve buildings, and make state parks.
CWA- Civil Works Admin
put jobless to work building roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, parks, and airports. Used Fed $$
(NIRA) National Industrial Recovery Act
set standards in wages, production, and prices was declared unconstitutional.
TVA-Tennessee Valley Authority
Increased electricity in rural areas. Gave jobs rebuilding an important region in TN; brought flood relief and hydroelectric power to the area.
AAA-Agricultural Adjustment Act
asked farmers to reduce production and destroy surpluses. Intended to help farms but actually hurt many.
FDIC-Federal Depository Insurance Corporation
provides insurance on bank accounts up to $100,000
collective bargaining
union representatives negotiate with managment
Social Security act
provides disability insurance, unemployment insurance, and pensions
deficit spending
spending more than the government has
Dust Bowl
severe drought that worsened the Depression for people in the midwest
Hawley Smoot Tariff
This was one of President Hoover's mistakes in dealing with the depression. This taxed imported goods into the U.S.
This made FDR more relatable to the people during the Great Depression. People believed because of this he could understand their problems.
Dow Jones
Stock Market Indexes people use to buy and sell stock.
Buying on Margin
Taking out a loan to invest in the stock market. This lead to default on loans.
Bank Holiday
Presidential closing of banks four days during the Great Depression to help recover
Bain Trust
FDR's cabinet he choice people who were experts. The individuals worked in colleges and universities. This was the first time a president did something like this.
Hoover tried to solve the Depression by.....
Economy will work itself out, individual charity, giving relief to big business and banks.
How FDR tried to solve the depression...
Relief programs, more government intervention and spending. Programs put people to work.
nickname for the Shantytowns that sprang up in central park and cities.
Alphabet Soup Programs
nickname for FDR's public works programs designed to put people back to work and relieve the depression.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Hoover program and lent money to banks. One of the causes of him not getting reelected.
Dorthea Lange
She took photos of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl and is the reason we have the sources we do today. She took the Migrant Mother photo.
Why is was tough for women looking for jobs?
business owners would give jobs to men first and fire women who were married to help our more families.
a journalist who exposed social ills during progressive era
What are the causes of WW1?
Nationalism Imperialism, Millenarianism, Alliance System
Common offense of gangsters like Al Capone in the 1920's
Ban of the sale and production of alcohol during the 1920's
Young women of the 1920s that behaved and dressed in a radical fashion