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  1. pulpectomy
  2. hyperemia
  3. Br
  4. Est
  5. apicoectomy
  1. a bridge
  2. b complete removal of pulp, pulp chamber and root cannel
  3. c estimate
  4. d surgical encision of the apical portion of the tooth
  5. e abnormal increase in the amount of blood vessels in the pulp

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  1. Root Canal
  2. Presure from inflammatory swelling and pus at the root
  3. Anterior
  4. Oral Hygine
  5. Gum Treatment

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  1. PO-PotPost Operative Treatment


  2. PostPosterior


  3. pulpotomypatrial removal of the pulp form the tooth


  4. ProxProximal


  5. Pulpitisinflammation at the pulp which gives tooth ache