Geography Chapter 18


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Nile River
The worlds's longest river
rift valley
A long, thin valley created by the moving apart of the continental plates
A steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top
What types of landforms are found in Africa?
Rivers, great lakes, some large mountains but no long mountain chains, and the rift valleys
What kinds of resources does Africa possess?
Oil, gold, platinum, copper, and many others.
Why is Africa called the "plateau continent"?
Much of Africa lies at least 1,000 feet above sea level
What are some of Africa's distinctive landforms?
Rift valleys
Why do you think Africa's abundance of natural resources has not translated into economic wealth for most of its population?
European colonialism, difficult terrain, and unnavigable rivers have prevented Africans from taking advantage of abundant resources
How has Africa's physical geography affected its ability to use its resources for economic development?
Africa's rivers did not provide on efficient transportation network because of their many waterfalls and rapids
The largest desert in the world
An underground layers of rock that stores water
A place where water from an aquifer has reached the surface
Serengeti Plain
An area of East Africa, containing some of the best grasslands in the world and many grazing animals
The area encompassing the tops of the trees in a rain forest150 feet above the ground
What are the different climates found in Africa?
Tropical wet, tropical wet and dry, desert, semiarid, Mediterranean, humid subtropical, marine west coast, highland
How does climate affect the vegetation of Africa?
The Serengeti receives enough rain to nourish grasses, but little rain falls in North Africa and Southern Africa. On the northern and southern tips of the continent, plant life flourishes in Mediterranean climate
What is the largest climate feature in Africa?
Why does most of Africa have high temperatures?
Africa straddles the equator and nearly 90 percent of it lies within the Troops
What are the different kinds of vegetation growing in Africa?
Forests, lush grasslands, and large rain forests
What are the similarities between the climate of Africa north and south of the equator?
The northern and southern tips both have Mediterranean climate. Northern and southern Africa each has a desert and a tropical area
Niger delta
Delta of the Niger River and an area of Nigeria with rich oil deposits
The largest desert in the world, stretching 3,000 miles across the African continent, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, and measuring 1,200 miles from north to south
An expansion or dry conditions to moist areas that are next to deserts
Aswan High Dam
A dam on the Nike River in Egypt, completed in 1970, which increased Egypt's farmable land by 50 percent and protected it form droughts
Loose sedimentary material containing very small rock particles, formed by river deposits and very fertile
Which activities illustrate human control of the environment?
The Aswan High Dam controls flooding of the Nike River
Which examples illustrate an environment changed by humans?
Humans have increased the rate of desertification; the oil industry has damaged the environment in the Niger River delta
What are some of the causes of desertification?
Overgrazing, trampling of the soil by livestock, irrigation, overfarming
How has the discovery of oil in the Niger delta affected Nigeria's environment?
Oil spills and large fires resulted in acid rain and massive soot deposits
What were some of the reasons that the Egyptian government built the Aswan High Dam?
The Egyptian increase the food supply and control the Nile's sometimes dangerous flooding
Do you think that the benefits of the Aswan High Dam have outweighed its problems?
More food, hydroelectric power, and flood control outweigh the problems, and the relocation of the Nubians, the expense of artificial fertilizers and field drains, and the increased incidence of diseases of outweigh the benefits.