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Grammar: Learn to use Time Markers

Time Markers are important. It will tell you more about what tense you have to use. Do you recognize the different time markers? www.TutorMartin.com

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right now
We are going to the mall right now.
at the moment
At the moment we are studying for our test.
You have to go to bed now.
We are working at an other office today.
this instant
You have to come here this instant.
You have to go to bed immediately!
yesterday morning
Yesterday morning I woke up late.
yesterday afternoon
Why you didn't go to school yesterday afternoon?
Last night
Last night I watched a very scary movie.
This morning
This morning I woke up late.
this afternoon
We will have 3 English lessons this afternoon.
This evening
This evening we will go to that new restaurant.
What are you going to do tonight?
Tomorrow morning
Tomorrow morning we have to wake up at 7 o'clock.
tomorrow afternoon
Our plane will leave tomorrow afternoon.
tomorrow evening
Are you going to the party tomorrow evening?
Tomorrow night
Tomorrow night at 12 o'clock we will celebrate new years day.
The day before yesterday
The day bofore yesterday my grandmother went to the hospital.
I forgot to make my homework yesterday.
Today we can go home early.
Tomorrow we don't have to go to school.
the day after tomorrow
My birthday is the day after tomorrow.
The year before last
The year before last year I also went to Phuket.
last year
My brother got married last year.
this year
I hope I pass my final exam this year.
Next year
Next year I want to study at Khon Kaen University.
the year after next
We want to build a new house the year after next year.
Two weeks ago
Two weeks ago my mother was very sick.
Four days ago
Four days ago I saw a accident at this road.
five years ago
I began to work here five years ago.
On Monday we have to be at school at 8 o'clock.
in the weekend
I have to work in the weekend.
My teacher is born in 1981.