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This is the color of Edward Cullen eyes when he's thirsty.

Isabella Marie Swan

What is Bella's full name?

Phil Dwyer

Bella's mom's husband (Bella's Stepfather).

Phoenix, Arizona

Where Bella moved from at the beginning of the story.


Female vampire who is after Bella because of James' death.

1953 Chevy

Bella's hot (not) rusty old car.

Edward Cullen

Gorgeousnot Robert Pattinson vampire who falls in love with Bella.

Forks, Washington

Bella moves here at the beginning of the story.


Bella's easily-swayed, immature mother.

Charlie Swan

Bella's laid-back father who dislikes Edward.

Emmett Cullen

The big "teddy bear" brother of the Cullen family.

Alice Cullen

The fortune teller of the Cullen family.

Esme Cullen

The mother of the Cullen family.

Carlisle Cullen

The father of the Cullen family and doctor at Forks Hospital.

Jasper Hale

This Cullen is married to Alice and can manipulate emotions.

Rosalie Hale

The most beautiful of the Cullens; hates Bella until Renesmee.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Edward and Bella's daughter's full name.

Jacob Black

Quileute werewolf who is a good friend of Bella and later imprints on her daughter.

Sam Uley

Alpha of the La Push pack.

Aro Volturi

Head of the Volturi family. He can read minds, but only through physical contact.

J. Jenks

The man Bella goes to for forged IDs in Breaking Dawn.

Isle Esme

Location of Bella and Edward's honeymoon.


Egyptian vampire who can control the elements.


Vampire who can make you "see" things that aren't there.


Denali clan vampire who rats on the Cullens to the Volturi.

Midnight Sun

Twilight from Edward's POV.

Robert Pattinson

Gorgeous guy playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie squeeeeeeee!!!!

November 21, 2008

Release date of Twilight movie.


Vampire who gives an awesome speech about the Volturi's lust for power and unfair judgment in Breaking Dawn.


The other hybrid vamp-human (not Renesmee).


Volturi member who hates werewolves with a passion (not shapeshifters, the real werewolves).


Renesmee's nickname.

"Forever and forever and forever"

Edward's last words in Breaking Dawn tear


college Bella and Edward were going to "attend".

Mike Newton

Who caught the garter at the wedding?

Angela Webber

Who caught the bouquet at the wedding?

Royce King

Rosalie's human fiancé before her transformation.

Catherine Hardwicke

Director of the Twilight movie.

Melissa Rosenberg

Writer of "Twilight" screenplay.

Clair de Lune

Song by Claude Debussy playing in Edward's car.


Brand of Rosalie's ostentatious convertible.

Emmett McCarty

Emmett's name before his transformation.

Jasper Whitlock

Jasper's name before his transformation.

Mary Alice Brandon

Alice's name before her transformation.

Marcus Volturi

The bored, apathetic member of the Volturi who lost his wife in battle (a scheme of Aro's).


Marcus' wife, and Aro's sister, who wanted to leave the Volturi and take Marcus with her. Aro killed her as a result, to keep Marcus with him.

Caius Volturi

The member of the Volturi who is deathly afraid of werewolves and had large numbers of them executed throughout Europe.

Jane Volturi

The member of the Volturi who can torture people in their minds. She is also very young and petite.


The hunter of the Volturi who uses her beauty to attract "meals".


Aro's personal bodyguard who uses her power as a shield to divert people from their intended target.

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