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  1. lethal
  2. legend
  3. libretto
  4. lexicon
  5. leonine
  1. a N. text of an opera. The composer of an opera's music is remembered more frequently than the author of its libretto.
  2. b ADJ. deadly. It is unwise to leave lethal weapons where children may find them.
  3. c N. dictionary. I cannot find this word in any lexicon in the library.
  4. d ADJ. like a lion. He was leonine in his rage.
  5. e N. explanatory list of symbols on a map. The legend at the bottom of the map made it clear which symbols stood for rest areas along the highway and which stood for public camp sites. (secondary meaning)

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  1. N. lustfulness; impurity in thought and deed. In his youth he led a life of lechery and debauchery; he did not mend his ways until middle age. lecherous, ADJ.
  2. V. detest. Booing and hissing, the audience showed how much they loathed the wicked villain.
  3. ADJ. amoral; lewd and lascivious; unrestrained. Unscrupulously seducing the daughter of his host, Don Juan felt no qualms about the immorality of his licentious behavior.
  4. ADJ. clear. A limpid stream ran through his property.
  5. N. lawsuit. Try to settle this amicably; I do not want to become involved in litigation. litigant, N.

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  1. lineamentsN. ointment; lotion; salve. The trainer carefully applied the liniment to the quarterback's bruise, gently rubbing it into the skin.


  2. leeryADJ. suspicious; cautious. Don't eat the sushi at this restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh the raw fish is.


  3. ligneousADJ. like wood. Petrified wood may be ligneous in appearance, but it is stone-like in composition.


  4. languidADJ. weary; sluggish; listless. Her siege of illness left her languid and pallid.


  5. latentN. legal claim on property. There was a delay before Ralph could take possession of his late uncle's home; apparently, another claimant had a lien upon the estate.