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  1. libretto
  2. lavish
  3. lectern
  4. litigation
  5. loll
  1. a ADJ. liberal; wasteful. The actor's lavish gifts pleased her. also V.
  2. b N. reading desk. The chaplain delivered his sermon from a hastily improvised lectern.
  3. c V. lounge about. They lolled around in their chairs watching television.
  4. d N. lawsuit. Try to settle this amicably; I do not want to become involved in litigation. litigant, N.
  5. e N. text of an opera. The composer of an opera's music is remembered more frequently than the author of its libretto.

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  1. V. grieve; express sorrow. Even advocates of the war lamented the loss of so many lives in combat. lamentation, N.
  2. N. compiler of a dictionary. The new dictionary is the work of many lexicographers who spent years compiling and editing the work.
  3. ADJ. weary; sluggish; listless. Her siege of illness left her languid and pallid.
  4. V. hang around; linger. The policeman told him not to loiter in the alley.
  5. V. ridicule. This article lampoons the pretensions of some movie moguls. also N.

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  1. limpidADJ. lead-colored; black and blue; enraged. His face was so livid with rage that we were afraid that he might have an attack of apoplexy.


  2. liaisonN. emotional urges behind human activity. The psychiatrist maintained that suppression of the libido often resulted in maladjustment and neuroses.


  3. libertineN. one who sets free. Simon Bolivar, who led the South American colonies in their rebellion against Spanish rule, is known as the great liberator. liberate,V.


  4. laxADJ. careless. We dislike restaurants where the service is lax and inattentive.


  5. listlessADJ. flexible; supple. Her figure was lithe and willowy.