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  1. levee
  2. liability
  3. lateral
  4. languor
  5. lectern
  1. a N. drawback; debts. Her lack of an extensive vocabulary was a liability that she was eventually able to overcome.
  2. b N. reading desk. The chaplain delivered his sermon from a hastily improvised lectern.
  3. c N. earthen or stone embankment to prevent flooding. As the river rose and threatened to overflow the levee, emergency workers rushed to reinforce the walls with sandbags.
  4. d N. lassitude; depression. His friends tried to overcome the languor into which he had fallen by taking him to parties and to the theater.
  5. e ADJ. coming from the side. In order to get good plant growth, the gardener must pinch off all lateral shoots.

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  1. ADJ. lead-colored; black and blue; enraged. His face was so livid with rage that we were afraid that he might have an attack of apoplexy.
  2. ADJ. like a lion. He was leonine in his rage.
  3. N. small surgical tool for making incisions. With the sharp tip of her lancet, Doctor Wheeler cut into the abscess, opening it to let it drain.
  4. ADJ. like wood. Petrified wood may be ligneous in appearance, but it is stone-like in composition.
  5. V. grieve; express sorrow. Even advocates of the war lamented the loss of so many lives in combat. lamentation, N.

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  1. leeryADJ. suspicious; cautious. Don't eat the sushi at this restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh the raw fish is.


  2. longevityN. long life. When he reached ninety, the old man was proud of his longevity.


  3. latitudeN. freedom from narrow limitations. I think you have permitted your son too much latitude in this matter.


  4. limboN. region near heaven or hell where certain souls are kept; a prison (slang). Among the divisions of Hell are Purgatory and Limbo.


  5. laudADJ. lustful. They found his lewd stories objectionable.