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  1. limerick
  2. lode
  3. languor
  4. lithe
  5. leery
  1. a N. metal-bearing vein. If this lode that we have discovered extends for any distance, we have found a fortune.
  2. b ADJ. suspicious; cautious. Don't eat the sushi at this restaurant; I'm a bit leery about how fresh the raw fish is.
  3. c N. humorous short verse. The limerick form is the best; its meter is pure anapest. A limerick's fun for most everyone, and the word may occur on your test.
  4. d N. lassitude; depression. His friends tried to overcome the languor into which he had fallen by taking him to parties and to the theater.
  5. e ADJ. flexible; supple. Her figure was lithe and willowy.

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  1. V. treat as a celebrity. She enjoyed being lionized and adored by the public.
  2. V. tilt; lean over. That flagpole should be absolutely vertical; instead, it lists to one side. (secondary meaning)
  3. N. features, especially of the face. She quickly sketched the lineaments of his face.
  4. V. ridicule. This article lampoons the pretensions of some movie moguls. also N.
  5. ADJ. lustful. They objected to his libidinous behavior.

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  1. latentADJ. potential but undeveloped; dormant; hidden. Polaroid pictures are popular at parties, because you can see the latent photographic image gradually appear before your eyes.


  2. legerdemainADJ. coming from the side. In order to get good plant growth, the gardener must pinch off all lateral shoots.


  3. leniencyN. lack of seriousness; lightness. Stop giggling and wriggling around in the pew: such levity is improper in church.


  4. logADJ. careless. We dislike restaurants where the service is lax and inattentive.


  5. librettoN. one who sets free. Simon Bolivar, who led the South American colonies in their rebellion against Spanish rule, is known as the great liberator. liberate,V.