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Right patient, drug, dose, route, frequency

(5) medication & dosing rights


describes how drugs move into, through, and out of the body


drugs that induce vomiting

OTC emetics

ipecac, hydrogen peroxide, (warm concentrated solution of salt & water, solution of powdered mustard and water)


(dog) emetics drug

Rompun(®), AnaSed(®)

Xylazine (cat emetics drug) (2 brandnames of)

anti ulcer (drug)

(drugs that) prevent or treat stomach ulcers


Tagamet(®) (anti ulcer drug)

antiemetics (drug)

(drugs that) prevent or decrease vomiting


Benadryl(®) (antihistamine, motion sickness, anti emetic)


Imodium(®) (antidiarrhea drug)

Acepromazine Meleate (aka Acepromazine)

PromAce(®) (CNS tranquilizer)


Valium(®) (CNS tranquilizer used as an anti-seizure drug)


Ketaset®, Vetalar®, Vetaket® (CNS tranquilizer used as an analgesic, amnesia, cataleptic)


Luminal®, Solfoton® (CNS tranquilizer used as an anti-seizure drug, euthanasia agent)

Butorphanel Tartrate

Torbugesic(®), Torbutrol(®) (CNS tranquilizer used as a narcotic pain reliever)


(drug that) inhibits or kills microorganism growth


(drugs that) inhibits or kills bacteria growth


(drugs that) inhibits or kills fungus growth (fungicidal)

autonomic system (epinephrine drug effect)

stimulates heart rate, constricts blood vessels in the skin, dilates blood vessels in the muscles, dilates bronchioles, increases metabolism (affects this system)


(drug that) interferes selectively with the functioning of a microorganism

Penicillin G (aka Procaine, Pen G)

Flo-Cillin®, Dual-Pen® (Anti-microbial drug )

Phenylbutazone (aka Bute)

Butazolidin(®), Butatron(®) (NSAID, muscularskeletal inflammation, Equi-Phar ButePaste)


Lasix(®) (diruetic; waterpill that may cause hypokalemia -low blood potassium)

Gentamicin sulfate

Gentocin(®) (optic, ophthalmic) (anti-infectious drug- antibiotic for the ear or eye)


Nizoral(®) (monistat, anti- fungal)


Amoxi-tabs(®) (Anti-microbial drug)

controlled substance

substance with potential for physical addiction, psychological addiction, and/or abuse

CI (class 1 drugs)

denotes extreme potential for abuse with no approved medical purpose; heroin, LSD, marijuana

CII (class 2 drugs)

denotes a high potential for abuse; opium, pentobarbital, morphine

CIII (class 3 drugs)

denotes some potential for abuse; Fentanyl (morphine derivative)

CIV (class 4 drugs)

denotes low potential for abuse; phenobarbital, Diazepan

CV (class 5 drugs)

denotes low potential for abuse; Robitussin AC

Bismuth Subsalicylate

Pepto-Bismol(®), Kaopectate(®) (anti-diarrheal)

date, owners info, Rx symbol,drug name, concentration & units dispensed, directions for use, signature of prescriber, DEA Reg # on controlled substances

components of a Rx

guidelines of a Rx

must have a license to prescribe, valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship, SIG-proper labeling/instructions, records must be maintained, must be properly stored

intramuscular (IM)

fairly rapid absorption/response (small volume needed <15ml, more even blood level than IV)

intraperitoneal (IP)

absorption speed similar to IM (frequently used in reptiles and lab animals, not frequently used in large or small animals)

intradermal (ID)

very slow absorption (used for allergy & TB testing, maximum volume 1-2ml, 25-30 gage needle)

subcutaneous (SC, SQ)

slower absorption than IV or IM, faster than PO (solution must be non-irritating & close to neutral ph, <150ml)

By mouth (PO, OS)

convenient, painless, environmentally safe, slow absorption (route)

Topical (TO)

applied directly to the skin

Intravenous (IV)

rapid absorption, (provides immediate dilution of irritating substances, may provide large doses)


Calculating drug doses

emetics (drug)


Pepto-Bismol(®), Kaopectate(®)

Bismuth subsalicylate (anti-diarrheal)


Ketoconazole (anti- fungal; yeast organisms, ringworm) (ke″to-kon´ah-zōl)

Gentocin(®) (optic, ophthalmic)

Gentamicin Sulfate (anti-infectious)


Furosemide (diuretic, 1brandname)

Butazolidin(®), Butatron(®) (Equi-Phar ButePaste)

Phenylbutazone (aka Bute) (NSAID, muscularskeletal inflammation ) (2 brandnames of)

Torbugesic(®), Torbutrol(®)

Butorphanol Tartrate (CNS tranquilizer used as a narcotic pain reliever) (2 brandnames of)

Luminal(®), Solfoton(®)

Phenobarbital (CNS tranquilizer used as an anti-seizure drug, euthanasia agent) (2 brandnames of)

Ketaset(®), Vetalar(®), Vetaket(®)

Ketamine (CNS tranquilizer used as an analgesic, amnesia, cataleptic) (3 brandnames of)


Diazepam (CNS tranquilizer used as an anti-seizure drug) (1brandname)


Acepromazine Meleate (Acepromazine, CNS tranquilizer, 1brandname)


Cimetidine (anti ulcer)

Nemex(®), Strongid(®)

Pyrantel Pamoate (anti parasitic; roundworm,hookworm) (2 brandnames of)

Ivomec(®), Heartgard(®), Eqvalan(®)

Ivermectin (anti parasitic, heartworms,earmites) (3 brandnames of)


Fenbendazole (Benzimidazole anti parasitic; roundworm,hookworm,whipworm,1tapeworm) (1brandname)

Droncit(®), Drontal(®)

Praziquantel (anti parasitic; tapeworms) (2 brandnames of)


Cephalexin (Cephalosporin anti microbial)

Cushing's Disease

Hyperadrenocorticism (excessive production of the hormone cortisone from the adrenal gland)

Addison's Disease

Hypoadrenocorticism (deficiency of the hormone cortisone from the adrenal gland)


Keflex(®) (Cephalosporin anti microbial)


Droncit(®), Drontal(®) (anti parasitic; tapeworms)

Pyrantel Pamoate

Nemex(®), Strongid(®) (anti parasitic; roundworm,hookworm)

Anti fungal (drug used for yeast organisms and ringworm)

Ketoconazole (drug type?)

Anti parasitic (drug used for roundworm and hookworm)

Pyrantel Pamoate (drug type?)

Anti parasitic (drug used for tapeworms)

Praziquantel (drug type?)

(Cephalosporin) Anti microbial

Cephalexin (drug type?)

(Benzimidazole) Anti parasitic (drug used for roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, 1tapeworm)

Fenbendazole (drug type?)

NSAID (used for muscularskeletal inflammation)

Phenylbutazone (aka Bute) (drug type?)

CNS tranquilizer

Acepromazine (drug type?)

CNS tranquilizer (used as an anti-seizure drug)

Diazepam (drug type?)

CNS tranquilizer (used as an analgesic, amnesia, cataleptic)

Ketamine (drug type?)

CNS tranquilizer (used as an anti-seizure drug and euthanasia agent)

Phenobarbital (drug type?)

CNS tranquilizer (used as a narcotic pain reliever)

Butorphanol Tartrate (drug type?)

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