The Civil War - Lecture Notes


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As the country expanded to the west, the issue of slavery became more important. What was the Wilmot Proviso?
put before congress in 1846 declaring that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist" in the new western territories
What is popular sovereignty? Why was it so appealing to Congress?
Popular sovereignty is that each new territory should be able to decide for themselves if they will allow slavery or not. It was so appealing because it removed the issue of slavery from debate in congress.
How did California and the Gold Rush relate to the issue of slavery?
California came in as a free state, they did not want southerners going for the gold rush and bringing their slaves. An unfair advantage.
What were the terms of the compromise of 1850?
both sides compromised on issues.
-CA was admitted as a free state (Northern victory)
-popular sovereignty to determine in Utah and New Mexico ( moderate wins for both sides)
-Slave trade abolished in Washington DC (Northern victory)
-Strong federal enforcement of the fugitive slave act(Southern victory)
What was the fugitive slave act?
A white person claiming that an African american had escaped from slavery needed only to point to them and they would be taken into custody
What is the importance of the book Uncle Toms Cabin?
it helped to change northern opinion of african americans and slavery
written by Harriet Stowe Beecher in 1851 on the fugitive slave act
What was the underground railroad?
An informal but well organized system that was legendary during the 1830s for helping thousands of slaves of the south
America became divided into what factions during the Civil War?
president Lincoln
capital Washington DC
CSA (confederate states of america)
president Jefferson Davis
Capital Richmond, VA
What were some of the popular nicknames given to each side?
Feds- federals
yanks- yankees
Rebs- rebels
secessh- seccession