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USII.6a New Developments that Changed American Life

This is a review for SOL USII.6a New Developments that Changed American Life.
Affordable automobiles gave people greater mobility and was one cause of-
people moving from urban to suburban areas.
Ability to move
Affordable automobiles created new jobs-
as people were needed to fill openings in transportation-related industries, like road construction, oil, steel and cars.
Wright Brothers
Inventors of the airplane, first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC
Henry Ford
Associated with the automobile, which he made cheaper by using the assembly line (a good example of the rise of mechanization)
Machines making work easier for humans.
Communication changes of the 21st century
-increased availability of telephones
-development of the radio and broadcast industry
-development of the movies
Ways electrification changes American life
-labor-saving products (washing machines, vacuums, etc.)
-Electric lighting
-improved communications