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Ubiquitous (adj)
def - appearing everywhere
synonym - repetitive/omnipresent/pervasive
antonym - rare/scarce
Sycophant (n)
def - someone who uses flattery to get what he/she wants from an authority figure
synonym - flatterer/schmoozer
antonym - rebel
Pernicious (adj)
def - intending to cause harm
synonym - harmful/dangerous
antonym - kind/benevolent
Non Sequitur (n)
def - a statement that doesn't logically follow conversation's flow
synonym - interruption
antonym - support
Diatribe (n)
def - a forceful or bitter verbal attack
synonym - rant
antonym - conversation
Slipshod (adj)
def - showing a lack of care or thought
synonym - botched/sloppy
antonym - exact/perfect
Nefarious (adj)
def - wicked or criminal
synonym - evil
antonym - angelic
Precursor (n)
def - a person or thing that comes before another of a similar kind
synonym - forerunner
antonym - result
Impregnable (adj)
def - unable to be captured or broken into
synonym - secure
antonym - vulnerable
Demure (adj)
def - shy or modest
synonym - reserved
antonym - obnoxious
Jingoistic (adj)
def - overly patriotic
synonym - fanatic/nationalistic
antonym - unbiased
Implacable (adj)
def - unable to be soothed
synonym - relentless/unyielding
antonym - merciful/yielding
Affinity (n)
def - a natural skill
synonym - talent
antonym - weakness
Coquette (n)
def - a woman who flirts to get what she wants
synonym - tease/vamp
antonym - prude
Harangue (v)
def - to lecture at length in an aggressive way
synonym - accost/rant
antonym - discuss
Bemoan (v)
def - express discontent or sorrow over
synonym - lament/complain
antonym - celebrate/enjoy
Misogynist (n)
def - someone who hates women
synonym - chauvinist
antonym - feminist
Abhor (v)
def - hate
synonym - loathe
antonym - love
Talisman (n)
def - an object with magical powers to bring good luck
synonym - charm
antonym - jinx
Placid (adj)
def - not easily upset or excited
synonym - calm
antonym - agitated
Bovine (adj)
def - in the manner of a cow
synonym - slow/dim
antonym - quick/bright
Facetious (adj)
def - treating serious issues with inappropriate humor
synonym - flippant
antonym - respectful
Contrite (adj)
def - deeply remorseful for a bad action
synonym - apologetic
antonym - unrepentant
Erudite (adj)
def - showing great knowledge or learning
synonym - intelligent
antonym - dumb/bovine
Anomaly (n)
def - something that deviates from what is expected or normal
synonym - exception/outlier
antonym - norm
Noxious (adj)
def - very harmful
synonym - poisonous/dangerous
antonym - healthful/beneficial
Bilk (v)
def - to cheat someone out of money
synonym - scam
antonym - earn
Replete (adj)
def - well supplied with something
synonym - full
antonym - empty
Blasphemy (n)
def - profane talk about holy or sacred things
synonym - heresy/sacrilege
antonym - piety/ reverence
Absolution (n)
def - formal release from guilt or punishment
synonym - forgiveness
antonym - condemnation
Cantankerous (adj)
def - argumentative and uncooperative
synonym - bad-tempered/grumpy
antonym - kind/happy
Deride (v)
def - to verbally rip apart
synonym - mock/insult
antonym - compliment
Debacle (n)
def - a disaster
synonym - failure
antonym - success
Temerity (n)
def - excessive or foolish boldness
synonym - nerve/rashness
antonym - caution
Ennui (n)
def - dissatisfaction or exhaustion caused by boredom
synonym - fatigue
antonym - enthusiasm
Abstain (v)
def - restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something
synonym - refrain
antonym - indulge
Haughty (adj)
def - arrogantly superior
synonym - snobbish/snooty
antonym - accepting/nonjudgmental
Tenacious (adj)
def - no letting go of or giving up on
synonym - relentless/adamant
antonym - weak/surrendering
Acquiesce (v)
def - accept something reluctantly, but without protest
synonym - agree/cave
antonym - disagree/refuse
Lampoon (v)
def - publicly ridicule
synonym - mock
antonym - revere
Curmudgeon (n)
def - bad-tempered person
synonym - crab/grouch
antonym - angel
Sojourn (n)
def - a temporary stay
synonym - journey
antonym - relocation
Gregarious (adj)
def - fond of company
synonym - outgoing/social
antonym - shy/anti-social
Augment (v)
def - to increase
synonym - add/enlarge
antonym - reduce
Insidious (adj)
def - advancing in a gradual way to cause harm
synonym - treacherous/crafty
antonym - benign/harmless
Engender (v)
def - to cause or give rise to
synonym - create/produce
antonym - destroy/ruin
Nuance (n)
def - a subtle difference
synonym - shade/distinction
antonym - opposite/separation
Covert (adj)
def - not openly displayed
synonym - secret/hidden
antonym - overt/open
Renown (n)
def - the state of being known and celebrated by many
synonym - honor/glory
antonym - disgrace/ridicule
Tangent (n)
def - a completely different line of thought
synonym - non-sequitur/digression
antonym - point
Kismet (n)
def - destiny
synonym - date/serendipity
antonym - coincidence
Exonerate (v)
def - remove blame or guilt for a wrongdoing
synonym - clear/erase
antonym - condemn/ convict
Altruism (n)
def - a selfless act
synonym - philanthropy
antonym - greed
Myopic (adj)
def - so focused on one small thing that the whole picture can't be seen
synonym - shortsighted
antonym - thoughtful/wise
Galvanize (v)
def - shock or excite, typically into taking action
synonym - jolt/inspire
antonym - depress/deter
Gauche (adj)
def - lacking social grace
synonym - unsophisticated
antonym - classy/refined
Zenith (n)
def - the top of a trajectory; the highest point
synonym - peak/apex
antonym - low/bottom
Futile (adj)
def - incapable of producing any result
synonym - useless
antonym - effective
Ruminate (v)
def - to think deeply
synonym - ponder
antonym - ignore
Acrimony (n)
def - tense bitterness in a relationship
synonym - tension/drama
antonym - harmony/peace
Solace (n)
def - comfort in a time of stress and sadness
synonym - succor/aid
antonym - agitation/stressor
Insipid (adj)
def - lacking taste or class
synonym - dumb/trashy
antonym - intelligent/sophisticated
Pedestrian (adj)
def - lacking inspiration
synonym - common/flat
antonym - unique/refined
Visceral (adj)
def - from the gut
synonym - cannibalistic/emotional
antonym - logical
Inept (adj)
def - having or showing no skill
synonym - clumsy/unskilled
antonym - astute/keen