2.5 Photochemical Smog

Photochemical Smog
Air pollution in the lower atmosphere, common to large cities and a yellowish haze that is an irritant to the respiration system.
Primary Pollutants
Released directly into the atmosphere from motor vehicle exhausts. e.g. NO
Secondary Pollutants
Formed in the atmosphere by chemical reactions of the primary pollutants. e.g. NO₂& O₃
Nitric Oxide
Formed in the combustion chamber of motor vehicle engines, N₂reacts with O₂from hydrocarbons being burnt in the air to produce _____ _____.
Main component of petrol. As petrol is burnt in the engine of a car, a small fraction of _____ escape and are released into the air.
Atomic Oxygen
NO₂absorbs hν and undergoes photochemical dissociation into _____ _____ and NO.
Solar radiation with wavelengths less than 400nm.
Stabilising Molecule
Atomic oxygen and molecular oxygen reacte with a _____ _____ to form ozone. Represented as M.