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BKHS CBA Integrating Software

the file that an object is embedded in or linked to
a file that becomes part of the current file but is a separate object that can be edited using the application that created it
the sharing or combining of data between applications
placing a copy of an object or data in a destination file that will update when changes are made to the source file
a feature that combines a data document with a main document to mass produce personalized letters or other documents
the file in which a linked or embedded object is stored in a presentation
delimited data
data that is stored in text format and separated by delimiters, such as commas
a symbol or mark, like a comma or tab, that separates data in a delimited text file
main document
the file used in a mail merge that contains the information that does not vary from one document to the next
data source
the file that contains the records or fields used in another document or file
merge field
a placeholder in the main document in a mail merge that is replaced with data from the data source when the two are merged