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Formatting Paragraphs & Letters Version 2


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Attachment Notation
When a document is stapled or clipped to a letter
Block Style
Aligned to the left margin; no indentation
Message of the letter
Business Letter
A formal letter sent from a business to another business or individual asking for information or a
Complimentary Close
Follows the body of the letter, Ex: Sincerely yours
Copy Notation
A copy of the letter is sent to another individual
Double Space
Enter key 2 times; one blank line
Enclosure Notation
Something is included in the envelope with the letter
Handwritten Signature
Signed name
Keyed Name
Name of author
Letter address/Inside address
Address of the receiver
Keyed at the top of a business letter. It includes the Company name, address, phone/fax/email, logo
Mixed Punctuation
Comma or colon: Salutation; Comma: Complimentary Close
Open Punctuation
No comma or colon after the salutation or complimentary close
Personal Business Letter
Letter sent from an individual to a business
Return Address
Address of the sender
Greeting of the letter. Ex: Dear Mr. Shelton
Single Space
Enter key 1 time; No blank lines
Typist/Reference Initials
Initials of the person typing the letter if it is not the author
Quadruple Space
Press enter key four times; 3 blank lines
Block style
A paragraph format when all lines of text are aligned with the left margin, the first line of a paragraph is not indented commonly used when formatting letters and memos

A paragraph format when the first line of a paragraph starts with 5 blank spaces. You can use the Tab key to indent paragraphs. Commonly used when formatting reports.
Hanging indent
A paragraph format when all lines indent except for the first line of text. which is flush with the left margin. This is commonly used when citing bibliography sources
Horizontal Centering
When text is centered between the left and right margin
Commonly used when formatting: Invitations, Announcements or Title pages
Horizontal Centering Using the menu bar
1. Access the Format menu bar option
2. Select the Paragraph option
3. Choose Centered alignment from the Paragraph window
Horizontal Centering Using the tool bar
Click on the Center alignment button on the tool bar
Vertical Centering (definition)
When text is centered between the top and bottom
margin, Commonly used when formatting:Invitations, Announcements, & Title pages
Vertical Centering using the menu bar
1. Select Page Setup from the File menu bar option
2. Select the Layout tab from the Page Setup window
3. Choose Center alignment from the Vertical alignment list
The process of updating a document to make changes, correct errors, and make it visually appealing
The page orientation in which the width of the page is greater than the height
The blank space at the top, bottom, left, and right of a document where you cannot type
The word processing feature that places text or graphics that have been cut or copied in a new location within a document
DS Stands for
Double Spacing
What is the line spacing in the body of the letter?
What is the line spacing after the dateline
What is the line spacing after the complimentary Close
What is the line spacing between the paragraphs
CC Pam Myers is an example of
Copy Notation
Thank You is an example of
Complimentary Close
Greetings is and example of