Abeka New World History and Geography Chapter 6 Test


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mountain lion
Most widely distributed carnivore in the New World
Gila Monster
Poisonous lizard found in the North American desert
Bristlecone pine
The worlds oldest known living tree
California condor
the largest land bird in North America
Prickly pear
The most widespread cactus
Mountain goat
A relative of the antelope that has hooves like suction cups
The largest cactus in the world
Grizzly bear
The most dangerous animal in North America
The wild sheep of north America
Yosemite Falls
Highest waterfall in North America
Hells Canyon
The deepest canyon in the United States
Death Valley
The hottest, driest part of North America
Mt. Elbert
The highest peak in the Rockies
Crater Lake
The deepest lake in the United States
Great Basin Desert
The largest desert in North America
Grand Canyon
The largest canyon in the world
Cordilleran Chain
The longest mountain chain on the earth
Mt. Whitney
The highest peak in the United States south of Alaska
Columbia River
The largest river flowing into the Pacific ocean from North America
Old Faithful
The most famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Lake
Largest high-altitude lake in North America
Great Salt Lake
The largest saltwater lake in North America
Nez Perce'
Which Indian tribe became famous as breeders of Appaloosa horses?
Marcus Whitman
Which missionary to the Cayuse was martyred for Christ?
Which peaceful group of Indians were farmers and had the rule, "everything in moderation, no excess, no waste"?
Which famous Shoshone guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition?
Which Indian tribe is famous for its skill in weaving rugs?
Which famous Apache resisted the settlement of the Southwest until he surrendered and was exiled to Fort Pickens in Pensacola, Florida?
Which Indian tribe lives near the bottom of the Grand Canyon?
lived in multi-room houses cut into solid rock and lived by the rule "everything in moderation, no excess, no waste"
Chief Joseph
Who was the famous leader of the Naz Perce'?
Rocky Mountains
Angel Falls
Mt. Logan
Mt. Aconcagua
Atacama Desert
Sierra Madre Oriental
Andes Mountains
Mt. McKinley
Mt. St. Helens
Patagonia Desert
Brazilian Highlands
Sierra Madre Occidental
Appalachian Mountains
Mt. Rainier
Guiana Highlands