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Module 1 Vocabulary


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a compromise of two quantities by division
a ratio comparing two quantities with different kinds of units
Unit Rate
a rate that is simplified so that it has a denominator of 1. ("unit" means 1)
Value of a Ratio
use the example as a definition since a ratio is a division problem
Equivalent Ratios
ratios that express the same relationship between two quantities; ratios that have the same value and simplified ratio
a ratio that compares a number to 100; percent of a quantity is a rate per 100
Associated Ratios
ratios that are related in some way
Double Number line
Two (connected ?) number lines that show comparison of two sets of numbers: The diagram shows pairs of equivalent ratios.
Ratio Table
a table listing pairs of numbers that form equivalent ratios.
to change the form of a ratio without changing its value (finding an equivalent ratio).
Tape Diagram
a visual model that uses rectangles to represent parts of a ratio.
a mathematical sentence showing that two expressions are equal