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Brain lobes and functions

This is a quiz on lobes of the brain and their functions this is also right and left side specific.
Frontal Lobe
motor strip location, impulsivity, short term memory, emotion, voluntary movement, social functioning, creativity, expressive language.
Parietal Lobe
sensory strip location, perception, touch(pain & temperature), ability to draw, reading and writing, calculations.
Temporal Lobe
hearing, long term memory, verbal and written recognition memory, receptive memory, music, initiation of verbal.
Occipital Lobe
perception, vision
coordination, balance, ability to judge distance, muscle tone including the muscles required for speech.
Brain Stem
Connects with the spinal cord, reticular activating system, thalmus, hypothalmus, heart rate and blood pressure, smell and taste, eye movement, appetite, vision, balance
Temporal lobe (left side)
understanding speech analysis of speech, monitoring speech, reading & writing, verbal memory, letter recognition.
Temporal Lobe (right side)
Decoding nonverbal patterns, visual decoding, Interpreting and remembering visual information.
Parietal Lobe (left side)
smooth speech, writing skills, understanding math, reading skills, naming of objects, verbal memory.
Parietal Lobe (right side)
drawing skills
Occipital Lobe (left side)
object recognition, visual recognition, reading numbers and letters, memory for written information.
Occipital Lobe (right side)
attending to left visual field.
Frontal Lobe (left side)
speech control, expressive speech, memory for verbal information.
Frontal Lobe (right side)
Visual memory