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in the autonomic nervous system, all preganglionic fibers release the neurotransmitter:


in the autonimic nervous system, most sympathetic postganglionic fibers release the neurotransmitter:

Sympathetic Preganglionic Fibers

the adrenal medulla recieves stimulation from:

Lumbar Region of the Spinal Cord

some sympathetic preganglionic neurons have their cell bodies in the:


an adrenergic neuron produces the neurotransimtter:

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic

the efferents portion of the ANS has two principal divisions, the:

Brain Stem or Spinal Cord

the cell bodies of preganglionic neruons in the ANS are located in the:

S2 - S4

the cell bodies of parasympathetic preganglionic neurons are located in the lateral gray horns of spinal segments:

Adrenal Medulla

the exception to the usual pattern of two efferent neurons in an autonomic motor pathway is the pathway to the:

Lacrimal glands

receives only parasympathetic stimulation:

Paravertebral and Prevertebral Ganglia

pairs of ganglia that receive sympathetic preganglionic fibers:

Paravertebral Ganglia

the sympathetic ganglia that lie in a vertical row on either side of the vertebral column are the:

Prevertebral Ganglia

the sympathetic ganglia that lie close to large abdominal arteries are the:

Celiac Ganglion

the solar plexus is another name for the:

Celiac Plexus

sympathetic postganglionic fibers innervating the stomach, spleen, and liver arise from the:

Celiac Ganglion

the greater splanchnic nerve terminates in the:


the major organ that recieves sympathetic stimulation, but not parasympathetic stimulation is the:

Adrenal Medulla

norepinephrine and epinephrine enter the bloodstream when sympathetic stimulation is provided to the:

Erection of the Penis

stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system:

Cardiac Muscle, Smooth Muscle and Glands

the effector tissues for the autonomic motor neurons are:

Preganglion Neuron

an autonomic motor neuron that extends from the CNS to an autonomic ganglion is called:

Postganglion Neuron

an autonomic motor neuron that extends from an autonomic ganglion to a visceral effector is called:

Cranial Sacral Division

based on the locations of preganglionic cell bodies, the parasympathetic division of the ANS is sometimes called:

Collateral Ganglia

ganglia lying close to large abdominal arteries that receive sympalthetic preganglionic fibers are:

Sympathetic Trunk

ganglia that lie in a vertical row on either side of the vertebral column from the base of the skull to the coccyx

White Remi Communicantes

sympathetic preganglionic fibers that connect the anterior ramus of a spinal nerve with sympathetic trunk ganglia are collectively called:

Gray Rami

sympathetic postganglionic fibers that connect sympathetic trunk ganglia with spinal nerves are collectively called:

Solar Plexus

another name for the celiac ganglion is:

Vagus (X) Nerve

parasympathetic cranial outflow has five components: four pairs of ganglia and the plexuses associated with the:


cholinergic neurons release the neurotransmitter:

Norepinephrine and Epinephrine

adrenergic neurons release the neurotransmitters:

Adreno Medulla Gland

activation of the sympathetic division of the ANS also results in the release of hormoones from:


the major control and integration center of the ANS is the:

Parasympathetic Division of the ANS

the phrase "energy conservation - restorative system" describes the activites of the:

Sympathetic Division of the ANS

the "fight or flight response" is a term used to describe the physiological responses triggered by the:

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