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Dreamweaver 2015 CC Certification Review


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-Navigation buttons
-Page Structure
-Font formatting
When designing a website based on practices, site elements that should remain consistent throughout:
Reading level
Designers should consider this when evaluating the age appropriateness of content used on the website
Responsive design techniques
Should be used to ensure that the website can be viewed on a desktop monitor or smartphone
<title> elements
provides the bookmark name for a page and often appears in search engine results
The check-in/check-out file
Allows you to open a Photoshop comp in Dreamweaver to translate it into CSS and properly format images
-It lets you change or ignore all of the same word throughout the page
-It lets you add new words to a personal dictionary
Two capabilities of the Spell Check command in Dreamweaver's Spell Checking command include:
-It allows you to drag and drop elements to change their order in the layout
-It renders an interactive HTML tree for static and dynamic content
-It lets you copy, paste, delete, and duplicate elements
What are the three characteristics of the DOM panel
-Check the links in the current page, part of the site, or the entire site
- Check for orphan files, external links, and broken links
-Verify that external links are correct when connected to the internet
Three tasks you can accomplish with Link Checker
HTML5 video requires that authors provide multiple formats to accommodate the various browsers. The three video formats that are supported by HTML5:
The Dreamweaver Site setup option allows you to exclude files that end with the extension .fla from all site operations
<Meta> HTML tag elements
Help increase this website's popularity by making it easier for search engines to index the site properly
FTP remote
What connection method is commonly used in Dreamweaver
-Edge Animation Assets
-Web Fonts
The Advanced Settings category of the Site Setup dialog box includes:
Two units of measurement that allow for flexible scaling of page elements:
The File Types/Editors category of the Preferences dialog box
Should be used to associate an application with a file extension
-Embedding styles in the head of a document
-Attaching an external sheet
-Adding inline styles to individual elements
Three methods your group should use to apply CSS toHTML documents:
-"Get" and "Put" files to the remote server
-It can be expanded to see not the the remote and local servers side-by-side
-It can be used to develop a site structure by creating files and folders
The Files Panel can do:
-Use Google fonts by providing a referenced script in the head of the document
-Use one of the fonts from the library provided by the Adobe Edge Web Fonts
-Turn the font text into an image to ensure that everyone can see your custom font
Three ways to add a wider range of fonts than the standard "web safe fonts" to a dreamweaver web page so that the widest number of users can see them
Selecting users and ask them to preform representative tasks while observing their results provides
an accurate and non-biased result when testing this website for usability
-Timeline for deliverables
-Statement of work
-Change request document
Three items your group should include as a part of the communication with Hamilton School as it relates to design plans
-CSS3 media queries
-Resizable fonts
- Scalable images
Three techniques that will make your site content appear consistently across multiple platform devices:
The principle your group should use when designing a website
-Internet Connection
Two considerations of the client's target audience that the designers should review when determining the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS of a website
CSS3 Media Queries
Provides the foundation of creating one web site that adapts across a multitude of devices
Test the link in a browser
What should you do when links appear to be broken when using the Check Links Sitewide command?
Material created by the site owner
Which type of written consent is available for use WITHOUT first obtaining permission?
Remote folder
Which term indicates where website content is stored on the hosting server?
Microsoft word files

Microsoft excel files
Which two file types can be imported using the File > Import command?
Which functionality is used to create and store code for reuse?