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Recently a city in japan called Osaka cut ties with sister city San Francisco due to a statue that was build.
In short comfort women were woemn who were placed into "comfort stations" and were used and raped by japanese soldiers of the imperial Japanese army during WWII
Over 200,000 women were estimated to have been raped
Some of these women had also been from various Asian countries such as the Philippines, China, and Korea.
Which may have been a result of the friction between Japan and Korea today after being controlled by imperial japan
In an effort to commemorate the damaged women, San Fransisco decided to build a statue of three young women
Mayor Edwin M. Lee signed a paper that officially declared the statue to be an official city monument
Hirofumi Yoshimura the mayor of Osaka responded "our relationship of trust was completely destroyed." "I will dissolve the sister-city relationship"
Still viewed as offensive and bad
Julie Tang a former California Superior Court judge responded "the issue is women's freedom from sexual violence, especially from rape and assault during wartime.
It was an attempt to remember the people who have been abused during that time
It can relate to our section as it may affect further trade and negotiations with japan who has recently become and important price to dealing with north Korea's threats
This also demonstrates today's abrasive relationship between japan And South Korea (as well as China) which traces way back to Imperial Japan and WWII
And both South Korea and japan are important allies to the United States